HamiltonBuhl WNC/CD385/6SV Basic Listening Center for 6

Item #: 1832486 | Model #: WNC/CD385/6SV

About this product

The HamiltonBuhl Basic Cassette, CD, and AM-FM Listening Center features headsets with noise-cancelling mechanism that ensure better sound clarity.

Carry out group sessions conveniently with the HamiltonBuhl Listening Center. This audio center with stereo jackbox is extendable to up to six users. The individual volume controls allow each user to adjust the sound as per his or her requirement. Its d eluxe stereo and mono headphones come with an adjustable headband to ensure a comfortable fit. These noise-cancelling headphones eliminate ambient noise and reproduce natural sound without any interruptions. Compact in size, the boombox of this listenin g center comes integrated with a CD player, microphone and AM-FM radio. You can easily charge the boombox with an AC or DC power supply or use 8 "C" size batteries for outdoor activities.

  • Listening center with 6 stations for use in educational institutions
  • Includes 6 padded ear headphones with 3.5 mm jacks, a jackbox and a CD, Cassette and AM-FM boombox
  • Stereo jackbox with individual volume controls
  • 2-way power of boombox allows charging with AC and DC current
  • Comes with 1-year mfr. warranty