Handheld Shower Heads

Attach handheld shower heads to existing shower facilities to ensure patient safety. Provide a seated shower experience to reduce the chance of a fall, or assist a patient with an easily directed stream of water. Pull a long hose outside the shower for patients lacking mobility.

Provide a comfortable showering experience for patients during all stages of recuperation. Clip a handheld shower head to a wall-mount holder at standing height for traditional showers, or detach the shower head to allow the patient to spray off while seated. Adjust the shower height as needed for patients of varying sizes.

Use a handheld shower head's long hose for maximum versatility, extending the range of showering facilities beyond shower stalls. Use the handheld shower head at a nearby sink to comfortably wash and rinse hair when a patient's condition prohibits contact with water. Minimize cleanup with the shower head's directed stream of water, and easily clean the shower head by dipping it in a bucket of an appropriate cleaning solution.

Maintain patient safety by using handheld shower heads with shower chairs and benches. Switch to handheld shower heads with available temperature indicators for patients unable to communicate their discomfort or for those lacking sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. Warm up water to a comfortable temperature with a visual indication of when it is ready for use.

Adjust handheld shower heads with a massaging action for quick relief of tension and stress. Select from available spray patterns for preferred skin contact, using water-conserving settings to maintain water temperature and patient comfort level for the duration of the shower.