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Hazardous Material Lab Storage

Maintain neat, orderly, and sanitary labs with a selection of hazardous material storage solutions. Durable containers and chemical cabinets keep supplies and discarded items properly stowed away, ensuring employee and patient safety throughout your facility. Staples® carries a range of essential laboratory supplies and furnishings for hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare providers.

Keep Items Safe and Secure
Chemical storage containers and storage bins let users quickly access medical supplies, refill tanks, and tools. Use them to store testing kits, collection vials, and cleaning solution bottles in exam rooms and other frequently accessed areas. Several furnishings and storage bins feature locking mechanisms, keeping soiled and sensitive items out of reach from unauthorized users and children.

Ensure Optimal Lab Organization
Help employees stay on top of important tasks and quality patient care with the help of heavy-duty hazardous material storage solutions. Many containers, boxes, and bins feature color-coded labeling, making it easy to sort and organize items by type or department, including materials requiring special handling and safety gear. Several options feature low-profile, space-maximizing designs suitable for small spaces and large rooms alike.

Hazardous Material Waste Disposal Containers Facilitate Responsible Disposal
Ensure clean spaces and optimal workplace safety with lab material storage and collection bins. Hands-free and automatic cans help lab workers dispose of items such as gloves, bottles, and paper linens with minimal contact. Many bags and waste containers feature puncture-resistant materials, protecting users from accidental exposure to needles, glass shards, and flammable chemicals. For added protection, workers can double-bag items and place sharps containers in reinforced cans and drums designated for off-site handling.

Are Hazardous Material Storage Containers OSHA-Compliant?
Most are fully OSHA-compliant, and they're made from high-quality components such as polypropylene plastic, stainless steel, and corrugated cardboard. Several products come with safety data sheets and handling instructions to ensure proper usage. Employees may also require special training and certification before handling certain chemicals and biological waste products on the job.

Are Hazardous Material Storage Containers Reusable?
Single-use collection boxes and radioactive chemical containers should go into the proper waste bins when filled to capacity. High-volume testing facilities and hospitals may want to opt for cabinets and containers made from strong, reusable materials that offer years' worth of reliable service. Users should regularly inspect and clean reusable hazardous material containers, replacing them when they start to leak or show excessive wear.

Select containers can also go into recycling bins provided they haven't been exposed to hazardous chemicals or blood-borne pathogens. Check with your local waste handling company for a list of accepted materials, or consider shipping containers to specially designated medical waste facilities.

Why Choose Autoclave-Compatible Hazardous Material Storage?
Labs with special cleaning and sanitizing equipment may want to invest in autoclave-compatible hazardous material storage containers. These containers can withstand higher temperatures required for sterilizing surgical instruments and glassware in autoclave machines. Options made from polypropylene and polycarbonate plastics and stainless steel containers work particularly well, although users should take care to follow safety instructions and sort out incompatible materials.
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Kendall Healthcare Phlebotomy Sharps Container, 2.2 Quart, 60/Case
Item: 1603210 / Model : 1522SA CS
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