Hershey's Candy

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Chocolate is a highly-popular confection enjoyed by nearly everyone. When it comes to quality and top-notch flavor, Hershey chocolate is often the go-to brand with an extensive variety of rich, sweet and delicious candies. Staples carries a wide selection of candy and snacks that are sure to satisfy snackers young and old.

Hershey's Chocolate Candy to Suit Every Taste
Whether you're seeking the intense flavor of dark chocolate, enjoy the cool refreshment of a peppermint patty or love the crunch of crispy chocolate-coated wafers, there's a Hershey's candy that hits the spot every time. For those who enjoy almonds and toffee, nugget-sized snack bars make a lovely after-dinner treat that pairs well with a hot beverage. Kids love peanut butter cups, gooey caramels and candy bars that combine crunchy rice with smooth milk chocolate. The tropical combination of coconut and almonds is a mini-vacation for the mouth.

Snack Mixes and Variety Hershey Chocolate Packs for Group Gatherings
Ideal for office candy bowls and parties, snack mixes and assortment bags offer many options that everyone can enjoy. Pre-packaged snack packs blend bite-sized chocolate, peanuts, pretzels and almonds for a sweet and salty sensation that's fantastic during outdoor adventures. Choose between full-sized bars or miniature chocolates that are perfect for handing out at business meetings and birthday parties. Individually wrapped hard candies in a variety of fruit flavors are easy to stash in a pocket or purse for on-the-go cravings and when company drops by.

Hershey Chocolate Comes In Gluten-Free and Other Diet-Friendly Choices
It can be a challenge to find allergen-free options when shopping for a sweet treat. There are several Hershey's chocolates that can be safely consumed by those who require a gluten-free or peanut-free candy. While it's always a good idea to carefully check labels, plain milk chocolate bars and candy kisses are safe for both groups. Peppermint patties are also gluten and nut free. For those who prefer a fat-free option, hard candies are an excellent choice. Many products are also certified kosher.

Gift Tins and Specialty Assortments for Every Occasion
Celebrate a holiday, grand opening or anniversary with special gift tins, towers, and assortments that are sure to bring a smile to every recipient. A thoughtful gesture for a loved one, decoratively-wrapped gift towers are packed with a variety of tasty chocolates that can be shared or enjoyed alone. When a new baby arrives, blue and pink wrapped candies are a sweet sentiment for new parents and co-workers. Reusable tins make a terrific gift for a boss or teacher. Avid bakers may appreciate a box filled with essentials like cocoa powder, peanut butter and coconut flakes along with a chocolate recipe book.

Bulk Packs of Hershey Chocolates Save Businesses Money
Available in a range of bag sizes, boxes and bulk cases, businesses, schools and restaurants can keep a full inventory of products to suit operations large and small. It's easy to maintain stock in break rooms and vending machines when storing candy by the case. Event planners can fill dozens of party favor bags with snack-size bars and wrapped chocolates. Parents may want to keep a secret stash of candy around to reward hard work and to pack into lunchboxes. Add Hershey chocolate to your next office supplies order to your school supplies list to keep everyone fed and focused throughout their day.