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Home Automation Lighting

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Check out our large assortment of smart products that meet all of your home automation lighting needs. Use these lighting fixtures and wireless controllers to create an automated system in your home or office. Dimmers replace current manual switches, while hubs and bridges connect them all together for easy management through a remote or smartphone app. Starter kits provide everything you need to quickly set up a basic system.

Enjoy controlling your lights at the touch of button from anywhere. Remotes will turn on, dim, and turn off lights within the home or office, while smartphone apps extend that control to wherever you happen to be. If you forgot to turn off your lights at home, you can take care of that task with a few taps on your cell phone or tablet. Nothing beats the convenience of home automation lighting!

Money Saver
At a time when high energy costs are chipping away at your paycheck or profits, these home lighting automation products can help you get a handle on your power bills. Preset times for lights to go on or off when you're away. This is particularly helpful in offices where employees often forget to turn off desk lamps and other light fixtures before leaving for the day.

These home automation lighting products are particularly helpful to people with mobility issues. You can control the brightness of light in a room from the couch or the bed using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or controller. The lights can also be programmed to adjust to certain levels for activities such as reading or sleeping at the touch of a button, negating the need to do so manually.

High Quality
These home automation lighting products are designed by trusted manufacturers such as Lutron, Z-Wave, and Vizia. These companies offer a variety of warranties on their products, so you can use these lighting fixtures with confidence.