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Hospital Specialty Tampons

Keep your home, school or business stocked with feminine hygiene products from Hospital Specialty Company and other trusted brands. Guests, employees and students appreciate having a variety of tampons, maxi pads and other sanitary supplies on hand in case they run out of personal stashes or need extra coverage on days with heavier flow. Staples carries several types of high-quality products from Tampax, Naturelle and Kotex to suit the needs of businesses and individual consumers at prices that fit any budget.

Tampons Offer a Compact Design for Easy Storage and Travel
Women find tampons a highly portable option for their menstrual flow needs. Easier to carry around compared to bulky maxi pads, each individually-wrapped item is easily tucked into a pocket or purse for discreet handling while walking through an office or waiting in a crowded bathroom. Swimmers and other athletes also prefer the extra secure coverage tampons provide during intense workouts and competitions.

Many tampons, pads and protective undergarments come in convenient bulk packs so busy offices, schools and medical offices always have a steady supply of feminine products available for customers, students and patients.

Choose from Several Levels of Protection
Tampons come in several sizes to handle every woman's individual needs, from light days to ones with more regular flow and those requiring ultra-strength protection. Several feature leak-proof designs with super-absorbent cores for added confidence on the heaviest of days. Every style ensures comfortable and reliable performance with plastic or cardboard applicators and anti-slip grips for easy insertion and braided strings for quick removal. Many are also free of latex, fragrances and chlorine for safe use by a range of consumers. Pantyliners can also be worn for extra back-up protection if desired.

Vending Machines and Waste Receptacles Provide Extra Customer Convenience
Many facilities install coin-operated vending machines in bathrooms so students, customers and employees have easy access to emergency supplies. Some machines hold both tampons and maxi pads so users can choose their preferred style of feminine protection. Additionally, wall-mounted sanitary waste receptacles, liners and bags allow for discreet disposal of soiled pads, tampons and packaging.

Can Tampons be Flushed?
Tampons and applicators should not be flushed down the toilet. They contain materials that do not break down well and can potentially lead to clogged pipes and septic system failure. Dispose of used materials in a wastebasket or specially designated feminine product receptacle.

How Often Should Tampons be Changed?
Women should make sure they're wearing a tampon that's appropriate for their current level of blood flow, switching them out as often as necessary instead of wearing a tampon with the wrong absorbency. At the most, tampons should be changed every six to eight hours, as leaving them in for extended amounts of time may lead to dangerous bacterial growth that can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Do Tampons Have a Shelf Life?
Tampons have a shelf life of approximately five years. Long-term storage, especially in damp environments or full purses, can lead to harmful contamination, mold and bacterial growth.
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Hospital Specialty Metal Dual Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Dispenser, White, 24"(H) x 10"(W) x 7 1/4"(D)
Item : SS1085927
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  • Dimensions: 24"(H) x 10"(W) x 7 1/4"(D)
  • Coin operated (25¢), dual slots
  • Holds (15) #4 napkins and 23 Tampax® tampons (sold separately)
As low as 247.99 $247.99
Multiple options available
Hospital Specialty Co. Feminine Hygiene Convenience Disposal Bag, 3" x 2", White, 500/Carton (HOS NEC-500)
Item : 809530 / Model : HOSNEC500
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  • Package Includes: 500 bags per case.
  • Brand: Hospital Specialty Co.
  • Color(s): White
60.29 $60.29
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