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First Aid Only Contractor Ansi Class A+ First Aid Kit For 25 People, 128 Pieces
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Model #90753
  • Sturdy, weatherproof case
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Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic for treating minor injuries at home and in professional environments. Swab the solution on shallow cuts, or swish it in the mouth to clean mouth wounds or dental stitches. Industrial shops and professional cleaners also use the solution for some functions.

Sanitize Small Wounds
Hydrogen peroxide in a 3 percent concentration is safe for use as a wound-cleaning agent in almost any environment. Keep a bottle on hand to clean small cuts, scraped knees, or minor burns. Stock home or school first-aid cabinets with bottles of the solution, or buy it in bulk to stock a supply closet in a health-care setting.

Attack Difficult Grime
Use hydrogen peroxide to bleach or clean hard-to-reach or especially grimy areas. The solution leaves tile grout and bathroom surfaces clean and sanitized, and spraying a mixture of peroxide and water on mold or mildew can remove stains and stop the growth of fungus. Use the solution in home, hospitality, or food service areas for superior cleaning performance.

Treat Skin Issues
Soak swabs or cotton balls in hydrogen peroxide before holding the swab to calluses or corns to soften them. Use the solution to safely treat minor fungus or parasites on the skin, including foot fungus.

Treat Ear Maladies
Hydrogen peroxide is often used to treat minor ear maladies and infections. A few drops in the ear can clear up infections or dry out ear canals to prevent swimmer's ear. Keep a bottle and a dropper in your swim kit, or outfit the first-aid station at a pool or rec center with a bottle for convenience.