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MabisWall Control
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Mabis I.V. Pole
Item #1375980
Model #45-624-060
  • No. of Wheels: 4
  • No. of Prong: 2
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Wall Control Stainless Steel Pivot Hook/IV Hook, WhiteWall Control Stainless Steel Pivot Hook/IV Hook, White
Item #55485
Model #IV-350-700 W
  • Pivot hook/IV hook type
  • Powder-coated steel wall bracket and a stainless steel pivoting hook to prevent corrosion
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Strong, reliable IV poles keep intravenous fluid bags hanging steadily in place, allowing you to safely care for your patients in many health care settings. Smooth, quiet wheels allow you to move IV poles with ease for transport to another area. IV poles adjust quickly to a variety of heights.

Made to Last
Made of strong materials such as cast aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome-plated steel, IV poles are built to last. Several IV stands are offered in latex-free design to avoid dangerous allergic reactions among patients and staff. Corrosion resistance ensures lasting use and value in a wide variety of medical settings.

Delivers Exceptional Support
IV poles are designed for maximum reliability and maneuverability. Ram's horn hooks keep fluid bags dependably in place. Sturdy wheels allow for smoothly transporting the stands into another room or down the hall. A weighted base provides stability and prevents tipping in both the four- and five-leg versions. Pole heights are adjustable with push-button, friction grip, or locking twist-clamps to give you peace of mind.

Multiple Health Care Uses
Available with two or four hooks, IV poles are easy to use for suspending intravenous fluids, or for hanging other medical supplies nearby, such as stethoscopes and IV pumps. The stem telescopes to a variety of heights and locks in place for convenient use with short and tall patients. Offered in a foldable style for easy storage or with a removable top which quickly converts between two and four hooks. Decorate them with balloons or colorful signs to put children at ease. Use disinfectant wipes to keep them free from patient contamination.