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Use modems that provide a high-speed internet connection for optimal gaming and streaming performance. They are easy to set up and include security features suitable for both home and enterprise use. There are several multipurpose models that have capabilities such as fax, router, and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Find networking equipment from leading brands at Staples®️.

Modems With Fast Upload and Download Speeds
Models with more than 30 upstream channels offer exceptional download capabilities because more channels minimize congestion to ensure higher speeds. These deliver lag-free gaming, fast file downloads, smooth streaming, and webinar performance. Many internet modems have 8 upstream channels, which make it easier to upload data when backing up to the cloud, and enable seamless video calling with excellent picture and audio quality.

When choosing different models, also consider the speed capabilities. Gigabit options are the fastest for intensive tasks such as remote collaboration on projects and gaming, while those reaching speeds like 300 Megabits per second are suitable for homes. It’s a good idea to ensure the model you like is compatible with speeds that the internet service provider offers.

Multipurpose Modems
Some options have router functionality to create Ethernet and wireless connections. Such models can have several USB ports for data transfer, or for connecting devices such as thumb drives to update the firmware. Modems are also easy to set up on desks, tables, or walls. Check that the model is approved by your internet service provider (ISP) before purchasing. Options that work with multiple ISPs allow users to migrate conveniently whenever necessary.

Modems With Phone and Fax Functionality
Options with features such as single or multiple telephone ports and fax are available for home and office use. Models that support voice calling are compatible for use with select internet service providers that bundle telephones with data. These prioritize voice over the internet to provide high voice clarity, and some support three-way teleconferencing.

What Are the Compatible Operating Systems?
Several modems are compatible with Linux™, UNIX®, macOS®, and Windows®️ networking systems. Their ample file storage sizes, memory, and fast processors enable them to handle large download and upload traffic. It also allows users to update firmware for optimal performance. Slim designs help minimize heating to ensure long-term consistent performance. The newest models come with DOCSIS 3.1 technology that supports high internet speeds, superior voice quality on VoIP applications, and better power efficiency.

What Are the Available Security Features?
Some security features include firewalls that offer homes and businesses a line of defense against cyber attacks. Data encryption capabilities help secure information, and manufacturers also provide security updates for their firmware to protect networks from malware attacks. Models that also serve as routers have security capabilities such as parental controls to block adult content and limit browsing time. Administrators can also set guest networks to control access to assets such as printers.

How Do You Operate a Modem?
Several models have easy-to-use web interfaces that let you monitor network performance and carry out administrative tasks such as updating software. Some that also serve as routers are accessible using smartphone applications, while others come with network management utilities to manage connections. Their intuitive online diagnostics tools enable easy troubleshooting and fixing of network issues to minimize downtimes.
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