About this product

JAM Paper® Watercolor Petal 2082.5 Square Foot Industrial-Size Wrapping Paper Rolls contains 833 feet x 30 inches of smooth wrapping paper! This beautiful wrapping paper is made out of 100% recycled material, allowing you to practice earth-friendly gift wrapping! The pattern of this paper features pink, blue, yellow, and light blue pen-drawn-style flowers on a white background. The substantial quantity of gift wrap contained of these individually sold rolls makes them ideal for businesses and stores that offer gift wrapping for purchased merchandise. Use this bright, spring-time-themed wrapping paper for large gifts and multiple gifts for birthdays, weddings, showers and more! Size: 2082.5 sq. ft. - Pattern: Watercolor Petal - Quantity: 1 (Sold Individually)

  • Large Roll of Watercolor Petal Design Gift Wrap
  • Size: 833' x 30" (2,082.5 Square Feet of Wrap)
  • Quantity: 1 Industrial Sized Roll, Sold Individually
  • This vibrant gift wrap is fashioned from smooth, 100% recycled, high-quality paper that has a nice smooth paper finish!
  • This bulk wrapping paper is perfect for any and all gifting needs! From retail businesses that need their paper to last through the season, to those who love saving time and money for seasons to come!