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Add more fruits to your diet by getting a citrus juicer to extract nutrient-rich juices from them. Some juicers can also extract juice from other fruits as well as vegetables. There are different types and sizes of these appliances. Select one capable of juicing the produce you commonly consume. Browse the wide selection of juicers at Staples to find the best model for your needs.

Choose from different types of juicers
A citrus juicer or reamer is a single-purpose appliance for squeezing juice from oranges, lemons, and other citruses. Also called a citrus press, it's usually small and easy to clean. There are manual and electrical reamers. With a manual model, the user presses down and turns the fruit to extract juice. Electrical models are plug-in devices that automate the juicing process. Choose a juice extractor or centrifugal juicer to extract juice from vegetables and a wider range of fruits. Rather than squeeze, this machine chops them with sharp, fast-spinning blades.

Features to consider when buying fruit and vegetable juicers
The key factors to consider when shopping for juice extractors are speed, size, noise, and ease of cleaning. Size determines the amount of juice the machine can make at once. Pick a small unit for a couple or a single-person household. Larger families need models capable of juicing five or more cups. While a high-speed juicer completes its task quicker, it may not produce the best juice. High-speed operation usually creates heat and causes foaming. These can lower vitamin and nutrient contents of the extracted juice.

One outcome of the high-speed chopping of centrifugal juicers is the accompanying noise. Users looking for quieter machines should consider single- and twin-gear juicers. Cleaning juicing machines can be tedious. The simplest ones to clean are citrus juicers. Gear-driven models may require some disassembly to clean thoroughly. When opting for one of these, look for a unit that's easy to take apart and reassemble. Some include cleaning brushes in the box to give users the right tools when handwashing their juicers.

What are masticating and triturating juicers?
Both crush fruits and vegetables rather than squeezing or chopping them. A masticating juicer has a single gear, while a triturating one is a twin-gear machine. They're larger than citrus and centrifugal juicers and can double as food processors. While they work slower, they produce higher juice yields and are quieter.

Do juice extractors remove pulp?
Some of them do, while others leave them in. Select models allow users to adjust pulp level. With these, users can make juice with no or only a little pulp. A removable pulp extractor is a convenient feature that makes cleaning easier. Models without pulp extractors are ideal for those who prefer a lot of pulp in their juices. Pulp is an excellent source of fiber. Machines that don't extract pulp produce more juice.

What other features should you look for in an electric juicer?
Note the appliance's motor power. This determines how well it can chop, crush, and squeeze produce. Pick a unit with at least a 450-watt motor to juice fleshy fruits and leafy greens thoroughly. More powerful models can shred herbs and crush nuts too. Cord length and storage are two important features to consider when buying electric juicers. Choose one with a cord long enough to place the appliance in a convenient spot on the counter. A cord storage unit built into the bottom of the machine hides the power cord when the device is not in use.
Brentwood® 800 Watt Stainless Steel Power Juice Extractor
Item #1196736
Model #BTWJC500
  • Wide opening for larger pieces
  • 2 speed control
4 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews
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Brentwood Appliances 2-Speed Juice Extractor (JC-452B) (BTWJC452BDS)
Item #2089807
Model #BTWJC452B
  • 2-speed control knob
  • Power interlock
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Hamilton Beach® HealthSmart 350 Watt Juicer
Item #990197
Model #67800
  • 350 watts
  • Stainless steel cutter/strainer
3 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews
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Brentwood® 25 W 700 ml 2-Way Motor Direction Citrus Squeezer/Juicer; White
Item #1460781
Model #93583155M
  • Dimensions: 7"H x 6"W x 8"L
  • Power: 25 W
4 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews
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Brentwood® 400 W 300 ml Juice Extractor; White
Item #1460734
Model #93589518M
  • Dimensions: 12 1/2"H x 8 3/4"W x 10 3/4"L
  • Power: 400 W
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Oster® JusSimple™ 5-Speed 1000 W Easy Juice Extractor, Black/Silver (FPSTJE9020000)
Item #24254581
Model #FPSTJE9020000
  • Juice extractor
  • Comes in black/silver color
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Brentwood J-15 White Citrus Squeezer/Juicer (BTWJ15)
Item #2431356
Model #BTWJ15
  • .7L capacity
  • Detachable pitcher for easy pouring
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Koolatron Juicin' Juicer Stainless Steel (KMJ-01)
Item #23980327
Model #KMJ-01
  • Metal filter
  • Wide chute opening
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Conair® Cuisinart® Pulp Control Citrus Juicer
Item #IM1GE5320
Model #CCJ-500
  • Pulp control citrus juicer gets out more juice more efficiently, adjustable reamer with 3 pulp control settings low, medium, high
  • Auto-reversing universal juicer cone for more efficient juicing final spin feature extracts more juice from pulp
4.5 out of 5 stars with 216 reviews
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Total Chef Slow Juicer Black (TCSJ01)
Item #23973856
Model #TCSJ01
  • Enjoy healthy, fresh and great tasting fruit and vegetable juice at home
  • Easy to use and clean up
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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