Kimberly-Clark® Windows Universal Folded Towel Dispenser, White (09906)

Item #: 650788 | Model #: 09906

About this product

The Kimberly Clark windows universal folded towel dispenser easily dispenses folded paper towels to keep your bathroom neat.

Replace stacks or rolls of paper towels with this Kimberly Clark windows universal folded towel dispenser. The dispenser features a clean white appearance that blends in with most bathroom or breakroom walls, while a slim profile makes it an unobtrusive addition to your workspace. Pull operation keeps the dispenser working smoothly without worry of mechanical issues or moving parts. The enclosed design keeps towels clean and protected until use. Refill the dispenser with your choice of folded paper towels to provide easy access for your clients and staff.

  • Pull operated folded towel dispenser
  • White
  • 18 9/10"H x 13 3/10"W x 5 9/10"D

Large Storage Capacity
This universal paper towel dispenser measures 18 9/10 inches high, providing ample space for storing several packets of paper towels. This large capacity eliminates the need to locate an additional storage space for extra folded paper towels and saves time when replacing paper towels in the dispenser.

Contemporary Design
Complement your kitchen or bathroom wall with the slick, contemporary design and unobtrusive profile of this paper towel dispenser. The slim design and subtle curves offer a professional appearance, while the neutral white color ensures the dispenser looks clean and coordinates with the wall color. The complete container measures only 5 9/10 inches deep and doesn't appear bulky or intrusive from its placement on the wall.

Pull Operation
This dispenser provides paper towels using a manual pull operation. This simple and effective method of distributing paper towels eliminates mechanical faults and complicated issues that arise in more complex distribution systems, saving time and money on maintenance.