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Zebra® 5319 Performance Wax Print Ribbon for GX420T/GX430T Printer, Black, 12/Pack (05319GS11007)Zebra® 5319 Performance Wax Print Ribbon for GX420T/GX430T Printer, Black, 12/Pack (05319GS11007)
Item #24327399
Model #05319GS11007
  • Print ribbon is ideal for use with paper facestocks in environments with little to no exposure to weak chemicals and/or to some abrasion
  • Dimensions: 4.33"W x 242.78'L
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Zebra Ribbon, Black
Item #24327398
Model #06000BK11045
  • Thermal Transfer
  • 4.33" x 1476 ft Ribbon Size
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Labeling tool ribbons make it easy to use your labeling device to create efficient systems of organization. High-quality ribbons are easy to read and especially effective when used with a thermal or an inkjet printer and label-composing software or a label-creation tool.

Simplifies Organization
Modern labeling ribbons come in many different shapes and sizes, making it easy to create an organization system for almost any home, office, or warehouse setting. The simple organization offered by labeling tool ribbons can dramatically reduce the time it takes to find exactly the items or documents you seek. The versatile nature of the ribbons gives you complete control over your customized system.

Ensures Easy Legibility
Labeling tool ribbons typically feature large writable or printable spaces that allow you to easily read them at a distance. Labeling ribbons work with either ink or thermal printers to deliver designs and print words that are easily distinguishable at a glance. For an all-in-one solution to creating labels for almost any purpose, check out the selection of label makers.

Adheres to Many Surfaces
Many labeling ribbons feature an adhesive backing that delivers a secure hold on many different surfaces. Adhesive backs let you quickly print and apply labels to the sides of boxes and folders, cutting down on the time it takes to set up your system of organization.

Provides Lasting Results
More advanced labeling tool ribbons often feature permanent adhesives that remain in place for years after application. Permanent adhesives, combined with thermal printing that does not easily fade or wear away over time, are perfect for archiving collections of documents or labeling goods for long-term storage.