Label Makers

A labeling system helps keep you organized and efficient. A label maker saves time by quickly printing labels to easily display what is in office files, storage containers, cabinets and more. With many options to choose from at Staples, you're sure to find the labeler that fits your needs.

What To Look at When Choosing a Label Maker
When choosing a label maker, the keyboard, display, power sources and portability are key requirements to consider. The keyboard should be large enough to allow you to type easily. A full QWERTY keyboard may be easier and quicker to use than one that is arranged alphabetically. The screen display should be easy to read, and often products with a high contrast between text and screen background are preferable. The size of text and numbers on the screen should make reading effortless. Choose from battery-operated or plug-in models. Battery-operated models may come with rechargeable battery packs or optional power cords. These are helpful if you use the unit extensively. There are desktop models, or if you need to use label makers while moving around, hand-held options are available. Staples label makers allow you to create address labels and return address labels.

Other Things to Consider
If variety is important to you, look for models that have several options for text and font. They vary with as few as five or as many as 100 font and text styles. Some allow you to customize the look of your label with a frame around the text. Changing font, text and size differs between units. Some are one-touch, which allows you to quickly switch, and others may require a few more steps to let you swap texts and fonts. Clip-art is an added feature on some models. Memory varies depending on the unit. There are label printers that store the last text that was printed, while others can save up to 99 frequently used labels. Others allow your children to keep track of their homework and binders, making label makers a great addition to any school supplies list.

What Types of Refill Cartridges Are Needed?
Ink cartridge styles and brands differ according to the type of label maker. Thermal printers need special thermal paper but don't require ink. Magnetic ink allows scanners and inventory equipment to read numbers and text. There are printers that can make bar codes if needed. Check the description on each model to see its capabilities so you find the one that matches your needs.

What Type of Paper Is Needed?
Label paper also varies from model to model. Tapes range from 0.375 to 2.4 inches wide. There are standard, extra-strength adhesive, cable and wire, tamper-evident, narrow and decorative tape styles. Some units print banners up to 3 feet long. Labels can come in laminated or unlaminated formats. Check the user manual for your label maker to see what type and size of paper is compatible.

Are There Iron-On Labels for Fabric?
Yes, some label makers can use iron-on labels for fabric. If your device accommodates this type of label, type the text, as usual, print, remove the carbon protector, and then iron the label onto the fabric. Follow directions on the labels for iron heat settings. Add a new label maker to your next office supplies order and use it to help organize your tax return.