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All the Rages Simple Designs LT2016 Touch Lamp Shade 2 Pack
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Item #SS3453237
  • Available shade colors: Blue and ivory
  • Dimensions: 9.2"H x 5.1"W x 4.4"D
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Transform a room from faded to fabulous when you add lamp shades that command attention. Choose from styles and shade sets that are appropriate for every type of business, including corporate offices, rental properties, and restaurants. Provide valuable illumination with options for desktop and overhead lighting.

Set the Mood
From soft white to rich jewel tones, these lamp shades come in many finishes to help set the mood and atmosphere for your business. Choose shades that cast a warm glow to encourage soft conversation in a breakroom or cafeteria, or add shades in eye-catching colors to a waiting room or reception area as a vibrant greeting for visitors. Shade coverings are available in luxurious fabrics such as linen and silk to provide a sophisticated, stylish flair.

Quickly Change Decor
Replace faded and outdated lamp shades throughout your business to provide an instant, cost-effective face-lift. Changing out the lamp shades is an efficient way to put your personal stamp on a new office or to redesign your space after years in the same location. Combine your new shades with unique lighting accessories to create an inviting space that is welcoming for your team members and your customers.

Many Sizes, Styles
Whether you lean toward traditional or contemporary styles, these lamp shades and shade sets provide distinctive looks for both task lighting and overhead illumination. Add small shades to desktop lamps to provide ample reading light, or hang dramatic pendant shades in an entryway to grab visitors' attention. Choose from a large variety of sizes and styles to find shades that complement your existing furnishings and your corporate image.