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Disney 11739 LED Projectables Mickey Mouse Plug-in Night Light
Item #2484352
Model #JAS11739
  • Provides a soothing guide light as well as projected image on the wall, ceiling or floor
  • Long-life LED-no bulbs to replace
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Woods Wire Indoor 24 hrs Digit Timer, White, 2/Pack (50007CC)
Item #24197450
Model #50007CC
  • Digital timer
  • Dimensions: 2.5"H x 3.25"W x 1.63"D
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Educational Insights Light Filter, Tranquil Blue, 4/Pack (1230)Educational Insights Light Filter, Tranquil Blue, 4/Pack (1230)
Item #878147
Model #1230
  • Light filters are used to lessen the brightness of fluorescent lights in the classroom or office
  • Heat-resistant fabric filters in tranquil blue
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Ge 15417 24-hour Polarized Plug-in Mechanical Timer With 48 On/off & 1 Outlet, 2 Pk
Item #2699051
Model #JAS15417
  • Turns lamps on/off any time of day remotely
  • Ideal for lamps & seasonal lights
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Classroom Light Filters, Whisper White, 4/SetClassroom Light Filters, Whisper White, 4/Set
Item #872257
Model #1231
  • Color: Whisper white
  • Subject: General education
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GE 15154 7-Day Random On/Off Plug-In Timer
Item #1308844
Model #JAS15154
  • White
  • 1 polarized outlet
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DATACOMM ELECTRONICS 48-0204-WH Decor USB Receptacle
Item #2396388
Model #DCM480204WH
  • Vertically positioned USB ports allow for more flexibility & reduce stress on USB cables
  • Fits in a standard wallbox, is compatible with standard wallplates & can be multiganged with other devices
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Learning Resources Classroom Light Filters for Ceiling Lighting, Blue/White, Set of 3 Seasons (EI-1233)Learning Resources Classroom Light Filters for Ceiling Lighting, Blue/White, Set of 3 Seasons (EI-1233)
Item #2127453
Model #1233
  • 3 seasonal designs provide unique styles all year long
  • Light-filtering fabric helps improve performance and concentration levels
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Quoizel 9012EX Mini Pendant Extension Rod
Item #SS3877927
  • Extension rod
  • Available in different finishes
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Tzumi USB LED Mood Light (5158)Tzumi USB LED Mood Light (5158)
In store only
Item #24316912
Model #5158
  • USB powered from any 5V Standard USB Port
  • 3M Self-adhesive backing for easy application
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Lighting accessories have a variety of uses. Photographers require everything from studio kits to backgrounds and stands. Different lights are optimized for use in many different kinds of spaces. Choose from a large selection of fixtures, including wall cover plates, outlet box covers, and more.

Professional Photography Equipment

Lighting is very important in the world of photography. The proper amount of lighting and the right types of light, can go a long way in producing the desired effect in certain photographs. Both professional and amateur photographers can choose from a wealth of professional-grade equipment, including high-output lights, tripods, light stands, and more. Beginner photographers can even select a complete photography studio kit to get started.

Quality Accessories for Home or Office

Among the more common lighting accessories for homes and offices are wall plates. You want your home or office to look great, and the huge selection of wall plates available allows you to choose the one that is perfect for your home. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to find one that complements your wall or ceiling light fixtures. Pick plastic accessories for a modern look or wood for a traditional effect.

Amazing Selection

Products are available to suit all of the lighting needs that a home or business may have, whether essential or artistic in nature. You will find everything you need to complete or upgrade any lighting arrangement. Homes can benefit from the wealth of wall plates, mounts for ceiling fans, and other items available. Businesses will find a number of lights, ballasts, and other accessories that can make an office environment more enjoyable and professional.