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ENHANCE XL Gaming Laptop Cooler Pad with 5 Oversized LED Fans for Max Cooling , Adjustable Viewing Stand (4333482)ENHANCE XL Gaming Laptop Cooler Pad with 5 Oversized LED Fans for Max Cooling , Adjustable Viewing Stand (4333482)
Item #23977751
Model #4333482
  • ENHANCE GX-C1 laptop cooling stand pad works with laptops up to 19 inches including Apple Macbook Air , Aorus X3 , MSI GT80 Titan , HP Omen , Digital Storm Triton , Origin EON 15-X and more Laptops!
  • Three adjustable height settings give you a comfortable, ergonomic gaming and viewing experience
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Targus 16" Single Fan Laptop Chill Mat, Black (AWE69US)
Item #747318
Model #AWE69US
  • Supports laptops up to 16”
  • Ventilated grill helps dissipate heat so your laptop remains cool during operation
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Targus® Lap Chill Mat™
Item #818766
Model #AWE55US
  • Protects lap or work surface from heat
  • Dual fans help disperse laptop heat for improved functionality; extends the life of the laptop
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Targus Chill Mat+ for 17" Laptops, 4-Port USB HUB, Black (AWE81US)Targus Chill Mat+ for 17" Laptops, 4-Port USB HUB, Black (AWE81US)
Item #747331
Model #AWE81US
  • Compatible with Laptops up to 17"
  • Dual fans to help keep you and your laptop cool
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Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler (MLWD12MA20PCR1)
Item #24374126
Model #MLWD12MA20PCR1
  • CPU liquid cooler is designed for a wide variety of Intel and AMD processors
  • Dimensions: 6.2" x 4.7" x 1.1" radiator, 4.7" x 4.7" x 1" fan, 3.2" x 3" x 1.7" pump
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Thermaltake® CLN002PL12BLA Massive TM Cooler for Notebook; Black
Item #2110958
Model #CLN002PL12BLA
  • Suitable for use with 10" - 17" notebook
  • Dimensions: 1.9"H x 10.9"W x 15.4"D, 120 mm x 120 mm x 18 mm fan, Weight: 830 g
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StarTech Quiet 80 mm Computer Case Fan With Connector, 2000 RPM
Item #IM1302422
Model #FAN8X25TX3L
  • Case fan
  • Speed: 2000 rpm
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StarTech FAN9X25TX3H High Air Flow Dual Ball Bearing Computer Case Fan With TX3
Item #IM1302421
Model #FAN9X25TX3H
  • Fan speed: 2600 RPM
  • Air flow: 48.43 CFM
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StarTech Quiet 80 mm Computer Case Fan With Connector, 2000 RPM
Item #2755939
Model #495711
  • Fan Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Air flow: 26.6 CFM
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StarTech FAN8025PWM Computer Case Fan With Pulse Width Modulation Connector
Item #IM1LJ8001
Model #FAN8025PWM
  • Fan diameter: 3.15"
  • Fan speed: 800 - 2500 RPM
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Laptop cooling fans help keep the interior workings of computers at optimal temperatures to ensure they function correctly. A laptop cooling pad is also key, especially for users who spend long hours on their machines and need to reduce overheating. A cooling pad is a raised platform where individuals place the laptop. The most commonly used tools are laptop cooling systems with fans and laptop cooling pads. Each tool works differently but for the same result — to make it easy to operate and give your laptop long-lasting durability. Browse through the computer accessories section at Staples for fans and cooling kits that will serve you well.

The importance of a laptop cooling fan
Overheating can damage the internal parts of the computer, destroy the surface where it's placed, and make the user uncomfortable due to excess heat. Blocked air vents are the primary causes of overheating. This restricts air circulation inside the unit when it's performing tasks. All laptops come with an installed cooling system, but sometimes this internal system is not enough. Having an extra cooling system protects the user and the machine from excess heat.

A well-functioning cooling system protects the surface underneath it, like a table, desk, or even laps. Sometimes a user may need to use their laptop in bed. Laying it on a mattress, pillow, or cushion blocks the ducts leading to damage to the internal cooling system hence the need for a laptop cooling pad.

Determining the right laptop cooling system
The main factors to consider when buying a cooling system for a laptop are the adaptability to the user's working environment and ease of use. Additionally, consider the portability and cost of the fan.

Some cooling systems come with several fans, enabling devices to conduct intensive tasks, such as gaming, graphic designing, and video production. Other cooling systems are only meant for low-performance duties, such as typing, watching videos, and browsing. Regularly cleaning the laptop's air vents can increase the efficiency of its laptop cooling fan.

Where does one connect the cooling fans?
Laptop cooling fans get their power from a USB port on the connected device. If the desired USB type is not available, use adapters to increase the power of the devices joined to the machine. One can also use an independently powered laptop cooling fan, some of which use AC power.

Should you choose a single fan or a multiple fan system?
Depending on the heat and activity of the computer, you can easily decide on the fan system you need. For those laptops conducting heavy tasks, a laptop cooling system with multiple fans is ideal. The size of your work area will also determine the type of cooling system to use. Laptop cooling fans are available in different sizes.

Are there computers developed with powerful internal cooling systems?
Yes. Many manufacturers are developing computers that have more powerful internal fans and wide air vents to allow air circulation. Either way, an extra fan might be needed. Get an external cooling system to prolong the life of the computer and promote a better working environment.

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