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HP 13X Black Toner Cartridge (Q2613X), High YieldHP 13X Black Toner Cartridge (Q2613X), High Yield
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Item #503708
Model #Q2613X
  • Yields up to 4,000 pages
  • HP 13X Black toner cartridge is not compatible with Business Inkjet 1000, OfficeJet Pro K850, OfficeJet Pro K850dn printers
  • Save 20% per page when you buy this HP 13X High Yield Black Toner Cartridge instead of the standard cartridge-ideal for high-volume printing
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Staples offers a diverse set of HP LaserJet 1300 toner cartridges, along with other office support devices and replacement items, including ink cartridges, for versatile printing solutions in different workstations. The LaserJet 1300 printer uses HP 13X and 13A cartridges depending on the maximum document yield, and there are different types to suit different printing needs and costs. The ideal cartridge gives a balance between reliable speeds and printing output and cost-efficient service during its life span.

Choose black HP LaserJet 1300 toner cartridges
Black toner cartridges deliver crisp and smudge-resistant quality prints that are ideal for printing professional-grade business documents like invoices and office memos. Monochrome toner units can sustain fast printing speeds and a high-volume output while operating on relatively low average costs.

Decide between genuine, generic, and remanufactured toner cartridges
Genuine toner cartridges offer superior-quality prints, and they're more durable owing to the research and development HP manufacturers subject them to during their production. They come installed in new HP LaserJet 1300 printers, and the quality testing by the manufacturer guarantees customer satisfaction. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) commit to ethical recycling programs for cartridges at the end of their life cycle to minimize the environmental impact of their products.

Generic toner cartridges are practical and cost-effective, and they're compatible with different printer models. Third-party manufacturers also produce remanufactured HP LaserJet 1300 toner cartridges by recycling used OEM units and offering them as a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Choose recycled and branded generic toner units from dealers who provide reliable customer support and can guarantee superior performance in producing a high volume of quality prints.

Consider the expected print volume
The standard yield cartridge (HP 13A) prints about 2,500 pages, and it's suitable for low-scale printing in small businesses. The 13X is a high-capacity toner unit that offers about 4,000 pages and is ideal for document-heavy offices. It's more cost-effective for organizations that print on a large scale to purchase toner cartridges and consumables in packs rather than individually for significant savings on average printing costs.

Check out the manufacturer's cost-saving initiatives
HP manufacturers and some vendors provide cartridge return programs along with lifetime warranties for select printer models depending on the usage and the customer's needs. The return programs supply old HP LaserJet 1300 toner cartridges for building new recycled units, and they minimize the amount of electronic waste in landfills.

Is the warranty still valid for printers that use compatible or remanufactured HP LaserJet 1300 toner units?
The law, under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, provides for the use of generic and recycled cartridges in printers. The warranty can only be void if the cartridges damage the printer and directly affect its normal working.

What hazards can you encounter when handling toner?
Toner is nontoxic, but you should be careful not to inhale or ingest any of it. Its ingredients are polymers, iron, and color pigment, and it can last for up to two years in the cartridge under the right storage conditions.

What's the difference between ink and toner cartridges?
Toner cartridges use toner, which dries fast and is smudge-resistant, and they work with laser printers. Ink cartridges work with inkjet printers that run on ink.