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Lavazza K-Cups

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A hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to start a workday or pull through a long afternoon. Finding the right coffee for your preferences is key to maximum enjoyment. Lavazza K-Cups offer high-quality coffee in a variety of flavors. With the speed of a Keurig brewer, coffee drinkers can indulge in a fresh cup of Lavazza whenever the mood strikes.

New Lavazza K-Cup Coffee

Enjoy the Result of a Perfected Bean Roasting Process
The roasting and grinding process used by Lavazza protects the quality of its coffee beans, which lets you spend less time preparing coffee. Lavazza's K-cups use Robusta beans, Arabica beans and espresso beans. Each of these varieties requires a different roasting temperature and cycle for maximum flavor retention. At the end of a roasting cycle, Lavazza coffee beans are exposed to vaporized cold water and air currents to drop their temperature and stop the roasting process. Whether you prefer coffee or espresso, Lavazza grinds its beans to the ideal coarseness. Beans used for Lavazza espresso pods are ground very finely to transfer flavor quickly and efficiently, while those used to brew coffee maintain a coarser texture for ideal flavor infusion.

Various Flavor Options Suit all Preferences
Whichever flavors and aromas you prefer in your coffee, there's a Lavazza flavor that fits the bill. The brand's Classico K-Cups utilize beans from Africa and South America for a complex taste, and this medium-roast coffee may have undertones of dried fruit. Lavazza's other medium roast is the Gran Aroma blend, which uses Arabica beans from South America. The roasting process may draw out citrus flavors and a floral aroma. For a deeper taste, consider Gran Selezione K-Cups. This dark roast may have a chocolate undertone. Espresso drinkers can try Perfetto Lavazza espresso pods. These K-Cups feature an intense flavor due to their dark roast. Once brewed, this espresso may have a caramel undertone.

Eco-Friendly Techniques Help Keep the Environment Healthy
Lavazza holds many eco-friendly certifications that reflect the brand's dedication to sustainable, ethical growing processes. Its Orthodox Union Kosher certification ensures that ingredients and brewing processes comply with kosher standards. Lavazza maintains UTZ certification, which requires companies to meet high social and environmental quality standards. Several brews are made exclusively with sustainably grown beans with beans for Gran Selezione coffee supporting sustainability in Central America and South America.

Brew Delicious and Convenient Coffee
Many instant coffee drinkers appreciate the combination of quality and convenience found in Lavazza K-Cups. Whether employees prefer medium roast, dark roast or both, it's easy to stock up on Lavazza coffee that takes less than one minute to make. One Lavazza K-Cup brews up to 12 ounces of coffee, but specific cup sizes are dependent on the brewer used. K-Cups come in boxes of 16, and the boxes stack easily and take up little space, letting users store a variety of flavors. With certain coffee makers, you can choose the strength of your Lavazza brew. This feature is ideal for those who add creamer or steamed milk to their coffee. Browse Staples listings to find Lavazza K-Cups that fit any flavor preference. Add a new box of Lavazza K-cups to your next office supplies order to keep your employees focused and alert throughout the work day.