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Staples provides a range of liquid screen protectors, along with screen and battery replacement services for smartphones and tablets, for efficient physical protection of the device screens. The ideal protector offers maximum clarity and improved resistance against screen cracking and scratching, while also preserving the lightweight design and slim feel of the device. The essential features to consider when choosing the right screen protector include the ease of application, type and number of screen devices, and additional protection features.

Consider the ease of application
Select a spray-on screen protector that comes with a user manual and is easy to apply on the devices. Some bubble-free screen protectors are applicable with one wipe, and they work best for electronics with curved screens. Some manufacturers offer reliable assistance with installation, or they may include coverage for screen replacements with certain warranted products.

Choose the type and number of devices
It's recommendable to find a liquid screen protector that works on any electronic device screen. The ideal screen protector for smartwatches is remarkably transparent and has water-resistant qualities that come in handy during swimming.

Scratch-resistant liquid screen protectors are also available for laptops, and they work with edged, curved, and folding screens, among other types. Choose a long-lasting screen protector that enhances HD clarity and is compatible with all laptop makes and models.

Additional protection features
In addition to improving a touchscreen's scratch resistance, most protectors also offer 9H hardness and are water-repellent to minimize water spotting. Some spray-on screen protectors also guard against radiation and have antibacterial treatments for extra protection. Others have a unique feature that prevents fingerprints from showing on the touchscreen.

It's recommendable to find a screen protector that follows the approved process of manufacturing and complies with industry-leading quality standards for reliable device protection and the user's safety. Some manufacturers provide excellent ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and dirt repelling qualities for smart devices that are in harsh environmental conditions.

Where does the liquid glass protector come from?
The substance is liquefied glass at the molecular level. The chemical compound, silicon dioxide, is available in sand and quartz. The liquid glass fills into the pores and imperfections on the glass screen once the user applies it before it cures and bonds with the glass surface. The result is a smooth microscopic finish over the glass screen.

Is liquid glass removable?
Liquid glass isn't removable because it embeds in the screen glass.

Is liquid glass permanent once you apply it on the device screen?
Most liquid screen protectors last between nine months and two years, depending on the device type and the level of exposure to human and environmental abrasion. Some coatings may last up to 25 years under the right conditions.

Is the liquid screen toxic to human skin?
The liquid screen is purely organic, and it consists of silicon dioxide, water, and other natural elements.

Can you apply the spray-on screen protector on eyeglass lenses?
Specific spray-on screen protectors are available for eyeglasses and certain electronic devices like virtual reality glasses.
Liquid Armour Screen Protector (IN STORE ONLY)
Liquid Armour Screen Protector (IN STORE ONLY)
Item #1673608
Model #LIQSP01
  • Provides scratch resistance up to 2X stronger than traditional screen protectors
  • Nano coating technology creates invisible protection for up to 1 year
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