Logitech Computer Keyboards

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Work productively and comfortably with a Logitech keyboard. Models with programmable F-keys and hotkeys make it easy control a broad range of functions through custom shortcuts. Wireless designs move easily and often work with multiple devices. Constructed from sturdy materials, each typing keyboard is built to withstand daily use, while soft-type concave keys provide a quieter, more comfortable typing experience overall. Special keyboard features like adjustable legs and full number pads allow for a custom setup that works for any situation. Staples carries a large selection of Logitech keyboards, making it simple to find the right solution to fit your needs.

Logitech Keyboards Enhance Work and Home Productivity
Type quickly and efficiently with these keyboards and their variety of functional features. Logitech products boasting customizable F-keys and pre-programmed hotkeys make it easy to execute commonly used commands with one touch. Open windows, run programs or apply select functions by simply pressing one of the buttons, located conveniently along the top and sides of many models. Evenly spaced keys offer a relaxed typing surface for hands of all sizes. Plug-and-play functionality makes installation quick and simple, allowing users to start working faster.

Each Logitech Keyboard is Built for a Comfortable Typing Experience
Ergonomic designs with contoured shapes put hands and wrists in a more natural position, alleviating tension to keep things comfortable while working for long stretches of time. Models with Logitech PerfectStroke keys provide a quieter, less forceful typing experience by cushioning the impact of each strike of the keys. Kickstands underneath each keyboard allow the device to rise up and down to achieve the most comfortable typing position for each user. Some boast palm rests for maximum ergonomic comfort, and consumers can also purchase compatible palm rests separately.

Logitech Wireless Keyboards Offer Ultimate Convenience
Built to make computer work more convenient, these keyboards are free from cords allowing for more freedom of movement. Choose a Bluetooth keyboard or one with an included USB RF receiver. Plenty of wireless keyboard options make it simple to connect to any laptop or desktop computer. Logitech Multi-Device wireless keyboards even make it a breeze to type on a computer, tablet and smartphone and switch between them with a simple press of a button. Options with extended battery lives work steadily for months to years between battery changes. Or go for a Logitech Solar keyboard powered entirely by indoor light.

Designed for Use at Both Home and the Office
Sleek metal and glossy monochromatic finishes offer an eye-catching look and feel that elevates the appearance of the desktop. Lighted keyboards with backlit keys are optimal for use in both fully lit and low light conditions. Spill-resistant keyboards protect against accidental water damage by allowing the liquid to drain off without endangering internal components. Logitech Flow keyboards let you type seamlessly across multiple computer screens. Constructed from durable materials, these keyboards are built to withstand hours of daily use and constant typing without breaking or wearing out.