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Professionals have trusted Louisville ladders for over 65 years. The company manufactures superior ladders and step stools used in a variety of areas, such as gymnasiums, hospitals, auditoriums, warehouses and other professional and recreational places. Shop Staples and browse a large selection of industrial products to use around the home and work site.

Consider the Type of Louisville Product for Your Need
A 20-foot aluminum industrial ladder is necessary when working on the electronic scoreboard in the school gymnasium or for any other industrial application that requires extreme height. Step ladders are created in many sizes, including 5-foot and 12-foot, so there are several options available depending on your task. A 3-foot folding step stool is useful for tasks in the home or office, such as retrieving high-placed items from shelves. The lightweight design easily folds to store away in a closet or between a washer and dryer. Ladders are constructed with either wood, aluminum or fiberglass, and several styles have additional trays and tool slots for accessories.

Choose the Material of the Ladder
A lightweight aluminum ladder is easy to move from one place to the next. The durable structure resists burns, cracks and rust, so it can withstand strenuous and consistent use. Dry fiberglass does not conduct electricity, so a fiberglass ladder is appropriate when working around power lines. The material will not absorb moisture and is also flame-resistant. Wood ladders are also nonconductive, and applying a clear coat of wood finish can help protect the material from moisture.

Is Flame-Resistance Important?
A flame-resistant material will scorch and briefly catch fire under direct heat but will self-extinguish once removed from the heat source. Flame retardants are added to the material to slow or stop the spread of a fire. Flame-resistant material is an important feature for home and workplace ladders where there are a number of electrical outlets and power sources.

What is the Purpose of a Ladder Spreader?
Internal spreader braces are a mandatory safety feature required for ladders and step stools. The spreaders lock the ladder in place to securely hold the front and back sections open when in use. The spreaders lock down in a straight position. Ensure the ladder is always placed on level ground, and keep the top and bottom of the area free of debris and clutter. All four feet of the ladder should make contact with solid ground.

What Are Some Uses for a Step Stool?
A step stool is a convenient tool when a boost in height is required for a task. A stool with slip-resistant steps can help children access bathroom sinks, kitchen counters and bathroom cupboards. A 3-foot step stool typically holds between 225 and 300 pounds, but the weight capacity can vary by design.

Is it Safe To Stand on the Top Rung of a Ladder?
Never sit or stand on the very top step of a ladder. It is recommended to stand below the third-highest step on the ladder. The steps should always remain dry, clean and free of tools to avoid accidents.
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