Mailing / Shipping Supplies

Deliver your stock and store your supplies during a move with mailing and shipping supplies. Cardboard boxes offer solid protection against bumps and dings. Whether you're moving your business or just need something large in which to put your stock in, you'll find something that's right for you.

Easily Move Stock
Packing becomes a lot easier when you have the right moving boxes. Choose from a variety of sizes to protect your stock, ranging from book and archive boxes that will handle large amounts of heavy paper to large boxes that will hold lighter equipment. Midsize boxes will cope with everything from household goods to office equipment. Boxes offer reliable protection, but for very heavy items, consider double-walled boxes for complete security.

Convenient Kits
Rather than buying boxes individually, moving box kits let you purchase a lot of boxes at once. Choose from multi-packs of the same box size to kits that hold a variety of different box sizes so that you have exactly what you need in one package. Some kits even include tape and labels so that you have everything to get started, although it's easy to buy these separately.

Mailing Supplies
When a box is too big, choose from a variety of mailers instead. Whether you're sending your products through a courier or through the USPS, you'll find the right size of mailer. Select from envelope-sized mailers that are ideal for the smallest of items to larger mailers that will hold documents, files, and even flyers. Tubes are ideal for posters and blueprints, and heavily padded mailers are great for smaller electronics and jewelry.