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Maternity belts help make pregnancy less stressful by relieving your discomfort so you can continue your daily activities with ease. These belts are simple to adjust and are designed to provide valuable support underneath the stomach.

Whether your baby bump is small or large, you can custom fit a maternity belt to your growing stomach by simply pulling on the straps. The straps that go underneath and over your stomach can be tightened or loosened so you can choose to use just one maternity belt throughout your pregnancy. With one-size-fits-all maternity belts, you don't have to think about what size you need.

Designed to conform to your body, most maternity belts feature a large gap between the top strap and the larger bottom strap. With the bottom strap, your stomach feels supported and lightweight, relieving stress on your back, hips, and stomach. Maternity belts wrap around your body so that the weight of your stomach is evenly distributed. Large hook and loop areas on the sides of many belts ensure that the top strap is secure. Use a maternity support underneath a maternity belt to increase back and abdominal support.

Comfortable Design
Most maternity belts are crafted with a soft material that isn't bulky, so you can wear a belt underneath a sweater and still feel comfortable. Because many maternity belts feature cushioned fabrics that are flexible yet smooth, you can still move around and enjoy doing your normal activities while wearing a belt. Cuts in the fabric on the back of the belts allow air circulation and help maintain dryness underneath the belt. Maternity belts are shaped so that they conform to your curves, providing you with all-day comfort.

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