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Mattress Overlays

Choose pressure pads to prevent bedsores and relieve pressure. Simple bed boards provide extra support under mattresses, while bed pads improve air circulation. Waterproof sheets are easy to care for and protect patients' delicate skin.

Reduces Pressure
Alternating pressure pads use air pumps to vary the pressure under the patient by constantly filling and emptying the individual pockets of the pad with well over a dozen support tubes running through each pad for extra patient protection. Pressure pads with pre-attached tubing relieve the pressure of lying in one place, foam pressure pads protect sensitive heels and provide excellent lumbar support, and static air mattress overlays promote air flow to patient skin, deflating instantly in an emergency. Attach an adjustable blanket support to the end of a hospital bed to lift blankets gently off a patient's feet, thereby protecting the skin and helping to prevent foot cramps.

Supports Firmly
Latex-free convoluted bed pads provide welcome comfort for the bedridden by redistributing weight on the bed and facilitating healthful air circulation. Bed boards provide excellent support under older mattress, preventing sagging so patients are fully supported; the bed boards come in multiple sizes for immediate use. When more than just supportive measures are needed, check out a wide selection of mattresses and accessories for every type of hospital bed, choosing between innerspring, foam and high-tech air mattresses to meet patient needs.

Easy to Maintain
Waterproof sheets that protect patients' skin from moisture are machine-washable and autoclavable for easy care and sterilization; choose flannel and rubber sheets for ease of care, or opt for hypoallergenic synthetic sheepskin that protects patients against decubitus ulcers while still being machine-washable. Elastic straps on many mattress overlays and sheepskin decubitus ulcers relieve caregivers of the hassle of constantly adjusting sheets. Bed boards fold easily into quarters to make them easy to store and access.

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