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Whether you are measuring distances indoors or outdoors, measuring wheels can make the job go faster. Wheels have convenient push handles to avoid back strain. A variety of available wheel sizes makes it easy for you to select the one that is best for a certain job.

Easy Operation
Our measuring wheels are made with pistol handles, so you can get an easy grip. Models with high-visibility handles make it a simple task to keep an eye on the wheel or find the tool in a crowded shed.

Long and Short Ranges
Having a selection of measuring wheels in various sizes helps you tackle large or small projects. Make any task more comfortable with high-dexterity gloves.

Indoor or Outdoor Use
Our measuring wheels can be used indoors or outdoors, giving you maximum flexibility. Smaller wheel diameters are best for indoor projects, while larger wheel diameters give the best measurement estimates on rough or uneven ground.

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Add to cart Komelon® USA Series 12 Measuring Wheel, 4-inch Diameter, 10000 Feet Maximum
Add to cart Komelon® USA Series 45 Measuring Wheel, 14.3-inch Diameter, 10000 Feet Maximum
Add to cart Komelon® USA Series 31 Measuring Wheel, 10-inch Diameter, 10000 Feet Maximum
Add to cart Komelon® Series 60 Measuring Wheel, 19-inch Diameter, 10000 Feet Maximum