Hand & Power Tools

Every tool you need to get it done
Find hand and power tools for all the odd jobs around the office.

Every office needs a little fix-up now and then. That’s why we carry a selection of power tools, hand tools, and measuring tools to give your maintenance team everything they need to keep the office looking sharp.

Hand tools
From hammers and hand saws to wrenches and screwdrivers, you’ll find all the toolbox basics at Staples. Additional hand tools include pliers, wrenches, utility knives, and shears. We also carry testers and indicators for troubleshooting sockets and testing continuity, as well as infrared thermometers and temperature and humidity meters for identifying air leaks and getting the indoor climate just right.

Power tools
Our selection of pneumatic tools includes staplers, sanders, impact wrenches, abrasive belts and more. Cordless drills and screw guns let maintenance crews move untethered throughout the office to make repairs. Power saws and saw blades help speed up jobs that require sawing. Finishing tools like angle grinders, vertical sanders, and dual action sanders make it easier to get a smooth and even finish. We also carry a nice selection of power toolsets.

Measuring and layout tools
Tape measures, stud finders, and levels are essential tools for planning spaces, attaching fixtures to walls, and keeping surfaces even, while inspection mirrors help maintenance crews keep an eye on hard-to-see spaces.

Tool storage
We also carry toolboxes, cases, chests, cabinets, and tool belts your team will need to organize and transport gear.

While you’re shopping for tools, don’t forget to stock up on cleaning supplies, waste management, floor care products and janitorial paper supplies.