Disposable Exam Gloves

Exam gloves are essential for preventing germs from spreading and other contamination in medical centers or office first-aid stations. Different material types dictate what the gloves can be used for in your facility. Some even come in sterile packaging, making them a great choice for surgical use.

Protects Patients
Exam gloves help protect patients from the germs that can accumulate on the hands of doctors and nurses. These gloves help minimize or eliminate direct skin contact between patients and providers, ensuring a safer and more sanitary environment for dealing with medical issues. Latex gloves are commonplace for their safety, and they stretch easily to deliver a comfortable fit. Nylon varieties provide an alternative for those who have or work around those with latex allergies.

Shields Physicians
Many exam gloves feature nonporous materials, and nitrile gloves can help shield physicians from bodily fluids or chemicals that may not be safe to touch without such protection. These gloves can help doctors diagnose illnesses or diseases or determine how to best treat wounds or burns. To help speed along the process of determination, use top-quality diagnostic and exam instruments.

Ready for Surgery
Surgical exam gloves come in sterile packaging that remains free of germs until opened. These options further minimize the likelihood of spreading germs, making them essential for surgeries and treating open wounds. Sterile gloves often come in powdered and powder-free varieties.

Quick Dispensing
Dispensers for exam gloves make it fast and simple for doctors to quickly retrieve a pair when they need them most. These dispensers often hang on medical center or operating room walls, giving personnel easy access to sterile or standard gloves as needed.