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Medline Lubricating Jelly

Almost all medical facilities need to have an ample supply of sterile lubricating jelly for a variety of applications. Brands like Medline provide various packaging options for emergency health kits, doctors' offices and hospitals.

Important Factors When Selecting a Lubricating Jelly
Women's clinics and obstetrician-gynecologist offices both need a good supply of packs of lubricating gels for their patients' annual pelvic examinations. Water-soluble formulas wash off quickly so women feel fresh after an office visit. Lubricant is also important for other exams such as pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds for expectant mothers. Medline's lubricant is easy to spread on all types of surfaces including rubber, metal and other synthetic materials. It adheres cleanly and is easy to wash away with wipes or soap and water.

How to Select Different Packaging
Foil packs are convenient if you need individual applications where guaranteed sterility is an absolute must. Flip-top tubes are easy to open with one hand for multi-use purposes. Tubes are also convenient to hold with a gloved hand for fast and convenient dispensing. Screw tops provide options for those who prefer that method. Small, 5-gram tubes are as handy as foil packs but offer a different delivery method when needed. Mobile clinics that travel to different neighborhoods need convenient and disposable packaging. School nurses and university clinics must ensure that their labs, examination areas and nursing stations are safely supplied with lubricating jelly.

What are Other Common Applications for Sterile Lubricants?
Urologists and nurses who often work with catheterized patients need lubricant to complete their procedures safely and effectively. Post-menopausal women often also require a personal lubricant for increased comfort and improved hygiene. Doctors who regularly perform annual exams for men need lubricant to perform checkups on their patients safely.

What are Important Details about Lubricants?
Water-soluble lubricants are non-staining, so they don't leave marks on white clothing and don't discolor reusable hospital linens like sheets and towels. Gentle formulas are designed for application on very delicate areas of the body, so lubricating jellies are non-irritating on the skin and safe for any sensitive spot.

Why use a Personal Lubricant?
Water-soluble lubricants are often safer, more hygienic and could prevent infections when used internally rather than other viscous substances, such as petroleum jelly or mineral oils. Home healthcare workers need a supply to address all their patients' needs immediately. When needed, silicone-based lubricants don't absorb into the skin as quickly and may be more appropriate for situations where a longer-lasting application is necessary.

Who are Other Candidates for Personal Lubricant?
There are many different stages in life when women produce low amounts of estrogen. Breastfeeding women, for example, could need lubricants until their babies start eating solid foods. Women entering perimenopause often experience the need for lubricants, as well as during monthly cycles when estrogen levels drop. Chronic smokers or women who have recently given up cigarettes and are experiencing hormone disruption find relief when using a personal lubricant. Also, many women who take certain medications for chronic health conditions commonly see dips in hormone production.
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Medline Sterile Lubricating Jelly
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