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Mentos Gum & Mints

Mentos gum and Mentos mints are breath-freshening, great-tasting treats that come in many flavors and types. Enjoy them after a meal or in the mornings for a quick pick-me-up. Look to Staples® for all kinds of candy including chocolate candy, gum and mints.

Types and Flavors of Mentos Gum and Mentos Mints
Mentos come in many flavors for all types of tastes. Choose peppermint, wintergreen, or spearmint flavors for icy cool breath. Orange, strawberry, tropical fruit, and green apple flavors are fruity and sweet. Cinnamon provides a spicy kick that wakes up the senses. The flavors also come in different forms. Mentos Now Mints are small and chewy candies that are easily popped into the mouth after a meal to freshen breath. Chewy mints are hard-coated with a chewy center so it feels more like eating candy than a mint.

Types of Packaging of Mentos Gum and Mentos Mints
Mentos gum comes in small bottles that fit in pockets or inside purses for easy on-the-go chewing. The bottles also have curves that fit the fingers perfectly for a good grip and a flip top that can be opened with one hand. Now Mints come in a small box with an opening just big enough for one or two mints to pop out instead of the whole box. Traditional Mentos is packaged in a tube so that users can use one hand to pop a mint into the mouth with the quick flick of the thumb.

How Does Mentos Gum and Mentos Mints Freshen Breath?
Both gum and mints help freshen breath by stimulating saliva flow in the mouth that washes away food residue and food acids that create halitosis. The flavor of the gum and mints also helps by temporarily covering up smells from food. Pop a mint or chew some gum for at least 20 minutes after a meal to hide smells and remove unwanted residue from teeth.

Do Mentos Gum and Mentos Mints Clean Teeth?
Sugar-free gum and mints are beneficial for oral health in a few ways. The gum and mints increase saliva flow, which can help reduce sensitivity over time from icy or overly sweet foods. The gum and mints also remove food acids on the teeth that cause tooth decay, just like toothpaste. Many gums and mints also contain minerals that help prevent enamel erosion from eating acidic foods. The minerals coat the teeth and help protect and strengthen enamel.

Are Mentos Gum and Mentos Mints Sugar-Free?
Mentos Now Mints and Mentos gum are both sugar-free products. They are both made from natural sugar alcohols such as xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol, and maltitol. Xylitol is considered an excellent saliva boosting ingredient to help clean teeth. They also contain artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame K, which is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. Sugar-free gums and mints are safe for diabetics to enjoy. They are also the best choice for fresh breath and clean teeth, because too much sugar can create tooth decay.
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