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Penetrating Lubricant
The right oil, grease, fluid, or lubricant keeps things running smoothly in the office or shop. Use penetrating lubricants to loosen rusty bolts for easy removal, and replenish machinery grease regularly to reduce wear on moving parts. Lubricants quiet squeaky doors and ensure drawers open easily.

A single oil, grease, fluid, or lubricant product solves a variety of problems. Use a synthetic grease to reduce wear on mechanical parts and to protect leather or wood items from damage due to dirt and water. A silicone lubricant reduces the risk of rust and lubricates metal parts without damaging nearby rubber or plastic.

Easy to Use
Many lubricants come with easy-to-use applicators designed to apply the right amount of product exactly where you need it. Keep a grease gun handy for applying small portions from large bulk-size packages. Choose water-soluble lubricants for an easy cleanup with warm, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth.

Extends Life
The proper application of grease, oil, fluid, and lubricants extends the life of machinery and power tools. Grease reduces corrosion and keeps out dust and dirt, which can damage moving parts. Water-resistant lubricants protect metals from water damage, and they also reduce the damage caused by salt in marine environments.

Environmentally Friendly Options
Green fluids help minimize your company's impact on the environment. Biodegradable vehicle fluids break down on disposal to reduce environmental pollution, and products labeled BioPreferred meet government standards for bio-based products designed to lower your company's reliance on petroleum. Large containers and reusable applicators reduce waste disposal costs while helping you meet your environmental goals.