Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints

At Staples, we carry a wide variety of machine lubricants, chemicals, and accessories to keep your vehicles and other machines running smoothly. We have what you need, whether you're looking for hydraulic oil, gear oil, an oiler, or some other kind of machine lubricant accessory.

Oils and greases for every machine

Different vehicles and machines need different machine lubricants. First, make sure you're using the correct lubricant or penetrant for your machine by checking the machine's manual or asking a certified technician. Once you know what type of machine lubricant you need, browse our selection and find the perfect one for your needs.

Figure out what you need

Machine lubricants like oil or grease have their purpose. Lubricant oils are liquid at room temperature, whereas grease is a semi-solid that stays in place where you need it. Machine lubricant oils can reach areas that grease may not be able to, and grease can prevent excessive wear. Corrosion inhibitors are machine lubricants that keep rust from forming on parts and keep them working like new, whereas penetrant oils work their way in between metal parts like a stuck nut on a bolt. Using chemicals like machine oils or greases can reduce the effects of wear and extend the life of your machine.

The right tools for the job

There are different ways to apply machine lubricant where you need them. Some lubricants come in spray cans that can reach areas too small or far for your hand. Other oils may require a pump oiler to apply. Some machine lubricants require grease guns that use pressure to apply. The machine lubricant tools in our selection are sure to get the job done, and don't forget, we also carry hand and power tools for most of your project needs.