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Oreck XL Commercial Upright Vacuum, Blue/Gray (XL2100RHS)
Item #1498868
Model #XL2100RHS
  • Upright vacuum cleaner quickly removes pet hair, dust, dirt, and other debris
  • 35' cord lets you clean large areas before having to stop and re-plug
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Oreck Commercial Disposable Vacuum Bags, Xl Standard Filtration, Pack of 25 (PK800025)
Item #925890
Model #PK800025
  • Quick and easy disposable bag allows you to effectively clean-hassle-free
  • Easy to replace so you can spend your time and energy cleaning
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Oreck Commercial XL Upright Type CC Filtration Vacuum Bags, Green, 25/Pack (PK800025DW)Oreck Commercial XL Upright Type CC Filtration Vacuum Bags, Green, 25/Pack (PK800025DW)
Item #1499133
Model #PK800025DW
  • Hypoallergenic filtering system reduces allergens from dispersing into air
  • Easy-to-install for quick, simple replacement
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Oreck BU10010 Touch Bagless Upright Vacuum
Out of Stock
Item #1373634
Model #BU10010
  • Recommended for carpeting, hard floors and upholstery
  • 30' power cord
Oreck vacuums and floor cleaners offer an advanced cleaning method that features lightweight vacuums for light and easy daily cleaning purposes. They're light and portable, and users can carry them up stairs or clean large spaces easily. They're durable and come with a super-fast brush roll that increases the efficiency of the Oreck vac. Staples carries a wide selection of Oreck vacuum cleaners, vacuum bags, and orbiter stone care brushes for all cleaning requirements. Browse the wide range of floor and carpet cleaning equipment in the cleaning supplies section.

Oreck upright vacuum cleaners
Oreck vacuum cleaners are lightweight and relatively simple to use. They're ideal for cleaning carpets and a variety of floor surfaces with minimum effort. They feature high-speed brushes that remove dirt such as pet hair, dust, and debris from carpet fibers. The MicroSweep technology adjusts automatically to different heights of carpet pile and hard floors for flawless cleaning. The wide cleaning surfaces of up to 12 inches makes it easier to clean large carpets fast with few passes. Some Oreck vacuums come with a Helping Hand handle that enhances efficiency.

Special features for easy use
Oreck vac cords are lengthy and durable. Users can clean spacious rooms and large areas without unplugging or finding a new outlet. The height adjustment features allows the user to adjust the head of the vacuum cleaner to get the best suction. Some feature super-performance with up to four stages of filtration to prevent suction loss. Select models have a quick wand for spot cleaning. The head may be self-adjusting, while the on and off power touch brush roll allows the user to shift quickly from cleaning hard floors to soft carpets without pausing or disengaging for manual alterations. The user's hands remain clean at all times since the lever canister is easy to control. The powerful Oreck vacuum cleaner consists of a swivel steering feature that easily maneuvers under and around the furniture. The HEPA filters are economical since they are reusable once rinsed. 

Oreck vacuum bags
Oreck vac bags are compatible with Oreck's commercial upright vacuum cleaners. They're disposable and easy to replace, which creates an effective cleaning experience. The standard filters feature hypoallergenic systems for filtering possible allergens and keeping them trapped from dispersal into the air.

Are there bagless Oreck vacuum cleaners?
They feature a clear cup that collects the dirt, which allows you to determine when the cup needs emptying. This makes it relatively simple to use since there is no bag replacement required after use.

How do you choose an Oreck vacuum cleaner?
There are different models and designs of Oreck vacs for a wide variety of use at home and work. Identify the environment of use and frequency before settling on a vac cleaner. There is a wide variety of options, including bagless and vacuum-bag enabled. 

What does an Oreck orbiter stone care brush do?
It's ideal for waxing wooden floors that do not have any coating. It's also efficient in cleaning and polishing of coated and uncoated wooden floor types as well as vinyl and laminate.