POS Receipt Printers

POS printers and accessories allow you to enhance the functionality of your existing point-of-sale hardware. These devices add the ability to display pricing to your customers or create a printed receipt for each transaction. This promotes solid customer service experiences.

Simple Display
POS printers often include display screens that allow customers to view items as employees scan or manually enter them for the transaction. This simple display helps purchasers verify pricing and review tax information at a glance, ensuring they receive the advertised prices.

Solid Proof of Purchase
POS printers and accessories also give you the ability to provide a proof of purchase for each transaction. A printed receipt can greatly assist with returns or exchanges at a later date. To keep your printers printing, use high-quality POS paper.

Effective Marketing Tool
Printouts created using POS printers may include the business name, contact number, and address. This makes it easy for shoppers to remember where they bought items and return there for similar goods, providing an excellent marketing opportunity. Many POS printers also offer reverse-side printing, letting you add coupons or valuable tips and store policies to the back of each receipt.

Reliable and Fast Operation
Modern POS printers often feature speeds measured in inches per second, and these high-quality versions provide fast operation. They may also bear an indication of the mean time between failures, letting you know just how long you can expect the printer to provide excellent service and continued operation. These MTBF ratings can easily range into the hundreds of thousands of hours between service calls, delivering exceptional reliability.
Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN Direct Thermal POS Receipt Printer, Ethernet (LAN), Gray
Item #IM14J0508
Model #39464910
  • Direct thermal receipt printer provides high-quality image printing
  • Dimensions: 5.19"H x 5.59"W x 8.03"D
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Epson® TM-T88V Monochrome Direct Thermal POS Receipt Printer, Dark Gary (C31CA85090)
Item #IM1DA8559
Model #C31CA85090
  • Direct thermal POS receipt printer provides high-quality printing
  • Dimensions: 5.71"H x 7.68"W x 5.83"D
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Star Micronics® SP742ME SP700 Impact Receipt Printer, Ethernet LAN, Gray
Item #IM11V8368
Model #39336532
  • Impact receipt printer is designed to make installation, utilization and maintenance as easy as possible for any user
  • Printing technology: 9-pin serial impact dot matrix
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Star Micronics 39464710 TSP143IIIW Direct Thermal POS Printer, Wireless, Gray
Item #IM12R2337
Model #39464710
  • POS receipt printer offers a web configuration page and is compatible with a wide range of devices - PCs, tablets, and external devices, such as cash drawers and buzzers
  • Offers direct line thermal printing method
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BIXOLON® SRP-330II 180 dpi Direct Thermal POS Receipt Printer, USB/Serial, Black
Item #IM14D6419
Model #SRP-330IICOSK
  • POS receipt printer is ideal for coupon printing, ticket printing, kitchen order invoice printing, bar order invoice printing, receipt printer
  • Printing technology: Direct thermal
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Epson TM-T88V TM-T88 Series Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer POS Printer, USB, Parallel, Dark Gray
Item #IM1DA8549
Model #C31CA85834
  • POS receipt printer designed for use in food service and retail environments
  • Offers thermal line printing method
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Zebra® ZT230 6 in/s USB Direct Thermal Printer, 4.5" - 39", 203 dpi
Item #IM1PJ8503
Model #ZT23042-D01000FZ
  • Direct thermal printer is suitable for barcode-labeling applications
  • Offers maximum print speed of 6 in/s for reliable operation
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BIXOLON® STP-103III Compact Direct Thermal POS Printer, USB/Serial/Parallel, White
Item #IM11V0789
Model #STP-103III
  • Compact POS printer is perfect for use in Hospitality, ticketing, retail applications
  • Printing technology: Direct thermal
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CleanBill Pro Cleaning Cards, 10/Pack
Item #20004835
Model #A-CBP
  • Use weekly or more if needed
  • Suitable for all brands of currency counters and automatic counterfeit detectors
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FARGO® 82136 UltraCard Premium PVC Card, 500/Pack
Item #IM1BM3292
Model #82136
  • Glossy
  • Compatibility: Fargo HDP5000
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