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Point of Sale (POS) Equipment

Point of Sale - Tracking Sales and Monitoring Inventory Made Easy

Point of sale systems process and track sales in an easy way, but they also track inventory. This means you run out of stock less often and don't order too much of one product. Choose from brands such as HP, Motorola, and ELO.

POS Systems

POS systems range in price and functionality, so you will find one to suit your needs. Several of the systems are designed to work with iPad, so you simply connect your iPad to process sales and then take it with you when you leave. These types of systems are perfect for smaller businesses. For an alternative mobile option, choose a hand-held terminal to improve inventory monitoring. To make them an all-in-one option, POS computers are touchscreen, so handling sales and tracking inventory is just a touch away.

POS Printers

POS printers connect to your POS system and print out receipts and orders for your customers or staff. Printer types include direct thermal, dot matrix, impact, and label printers. Print methods include dot matrix, inkjet matrix, and thermal among others. Choose print speeds from 3 lines per second to 8.9 lines per second to suit your business's needs.

POS Accessories

To complete your POS system, POS accessories are a must. Signature pads and card readers allow your customers to pay via credit or debit card. Paper, roll mounts, and ribbon allow you to accurately print receipts for customers, and cash drawers allow you to keep money safe before you take it to the bank. These POS accessories are everything you need to keep your system working properly.



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