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Pallet Covers & Sheeting

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Plastic sheeting provides protection for items stored or shipped on pallets. Available in varying strengths, sizes and colors, these plastic sheets form barriers against dust and moisture and keep full and partial pallets secure during shipping and moving throughout a warehouse.

Choosing the Right Strength for Pallet Covers

Pallet sheeting strength relies on its thickness, which is measured in mils. The most common thicknesses range from 1.5 to 6 mils, with some options going as high as 12 mils. Sheeting in the 1.5 mil category is thinner, with the strength increasing at higher numbers.

Thinner sheets work well for protecting stationary pallets or as drop cloths to keep areas free from dirt and debris. Thicker plastics prevent items from falling or shifting during transport and protect items stored outdoors from the elements.

Choose a thick plastic cover for full pallets that are moved with forklifts or a thinner option for partial or less bulky skids that remain in one location.

Are Pre-cut or Continuous Rolls A Better Option?

Pallet covers are typically wound on cardboard rolls that make it simple to pull off a single cover at a time. Precut options are available, which require only pulling off the cover and tearing it for use.

Consider pre-cut covers for use with standard pallets containing items that are uniform in shape or size.

Continuous rolls of plastic sheeting let the user choose the appropriate length for the task at hand. These options require cutting but provide customized protection for large and bulky items that need additional support and protection.

Continuous rolls also work well for protecting flooring and walls during remodels and keeping materials stored outdoors dry.

Plastic Sheeting Colors

Plastic sheeting is available in clear, white and black. A clear pallet cover provides protection while letting users see the skid's contents while in transit or the warehouse.

This is a good option for order fulfillment locations and use while shipping large items, ensuring the pallet remains intact until items are needed or it reaches its destination. Opaque black and white sheeting hide the contents of the pallet, providing additional protection for valuable items and sensitive materials.

There is also black sheeting available that includes ultraviolet inhibitors and absorbers, which guard the contents against damage from the sun's rays.

These additives also give the plastic additional strength and durability by lessening the damage from constant exposure to the sun.

Pallet Covers Shape Considerations

When choosing a pallet cover, the shape is also important. Some sheets go over the top of the pallet and tubular options that encase the contents.

Sheet styles are simple to lay over the contents and are a good option when adding additional shrink wrap. Flat sheets also work well as vapor barriers and drop cloths.

Tubular sheets fit over the entire pallet and may be open at one or both ends. Some of these options also react to heat application, which shrinks the plastic and forms it to the items on the pallet for even more stability and protection.