Paper Products

Choose from the selection of paper products and dispensers for efficient cleaning in the home or office. Paper towels, a cleaning supplies necessity, come in a variety of sheet-size options and absorbencies, and are perfect for any cleaning tasks or as hand towels in office bathrooms. Keep clean and comfortable with soft toilet paper.

For your home or office bathroom, choose from the extensive options of toilet papers and other bathroom accessories. Pick three-ply or quilted bath tissue for the perfect combination of strength and softness ideal for home use or private bathrooms in the office. For busier bathrooms, choose jumbo bath tissue rolls that avoid the hassle of frequent restocking, or select double-layered, one-ply bath tissue that offers the strength of two-ply to keep your employees, visitors, and guests happy. Hand towels for drying offer absorbency and are handy for quick cleanups in office bathrooms. Keep a supply of facial tissue in the office for every conference room table or even on desks.

Kitchens, Break Rooms, and Other Areas
The selection of strong and absorbent paper towels offer you a wide variety of uses. These versatile and durable sheets are perfect for spills and scrubbing tough stains from surfaces. Use them with cleaning chemicals to keep your surfaces and windows looking spotless. They are also ideal for quick spot cleanups on floors and walls. In break rooms and common areas, they can be used for inadvertent coffee spills or as napkins and liners.

Keep lunch and other dining areas in your office well-stocked with napkins for your employees. Choose smaller, one-ply napkins handy for quick snacks or to clean up small spills. Larger quilted or two-ply napkins offer strength and softness and help keep your dining areas and your employees clean and spotless.