Tissues are the unsung hero of every office, home and classroom. When looking for quality cold and flu supplies, facial tissue minimizes discomfort and sniffling.

Choose the Right Tissue Thickness and Size
Brands produce tissue in a variety of dimensions and thicknesses, accommodating both occasional snifflers and heavy-duty nose blowers. The majority of tissue products have nearly square dimensions of about 8 by 8 inches, but some are smaller. Those who go through many tissues may get more value out of smaller options and can choose designs that are about half as wide. Smaller tissues save space and minimize paper waste. Tissue thickness is generally measured in plies. The single-ply tissue is made with one layer of paper. Single-ply options are considerably thinner than other designs, and they tend to maximize value for those who use substantial amounts of tissue. Two-ply and 3-ply tissues have additional layers, so they offer enhanced durability and strength.

Extra-Soft Tissues Cushion Sensitive Noses Frequent tissue use can irritate the skin, particularly during a severe cold or persistent allergies. Ultra-soft tissue options are ideal for these situations. They are gentle on the skin, minimizing the risk of redness and dryness. Extra-soft tissues often have extra plies for a thicker texture. Small air pockets inside each tissue provide further protection for delicate skin. Lotion-treated tissue products serve two purposes: They prevent skin friction and provide moisture in dry environments.

Battle Germs with Enhanced Tissue Products
Cold and flu season causes even the healthiest people to keep a box of facial tissue on hand at all times. When illness is the trigger for tissue use, consider specialized products that are designed to ease symptoms and help users heal more quickly. Antiviral tissue products often contain a middle layer that is activated by moisture. This layer kills up to 99.9 percent of cold and flu viruses. This type of tissue can prevent the spread of illness, especially in an office or classroom. Another popular option is a box of cooling tissues. These wipes contain lotion and cooling moisturizers that are released on contact, relieving nose redness and soreness.

Various Package Sizes Fit Home and Business Needs
Having facial tissue readily available is an important part of hygiene. That's why brands offer these products in a variety of package sizes. Individual tissue packs are small enough to fit in pockets, purses and briefcases. Boxes for the home and office come in rectangular and square designs to suit a variety of surfaces. Refill packs are ideal for tissue boxes that are part of a room's decor, and bulk ordering options make it easy to keep face tissues available in any number of rooms.

Eco-Friendly Tissues Help Users go Green
The disposable nature of facial tissues is what makes them hygienic, and with environmentally friendly options, users can shrink their carbon footprint. Several brands create Forest Stewardship Council certified tissues. Sustainable brands often use recycled fiber and avoid chlorine bleach. Whether you want extra-soft or antiviral, you'll find the ideal tissue variety for every home, business and school user at Staples.