Paper Towels

It's hard to imagine how anyone in a busy office or household gets through a single day without reaching for a roll of paper towels. Almost nothing is handier for cleaning up an accidental spill or wiping down the kitchen table after breakfast. Multipacks and rolls with extra capacities prepare the house and the workplace for any messes. Staples carries a number of popular brands including Brawny paper towels and Bounty paper towels.

Paper Towels for Kitchen and Bath Cleanup
Get windows clean and streak free every time with paper towels. Thicker towels stand up to heavy-duty cleaning jobs such as washing down sinks and getting windshields and car windows sparkling again after a road trip. Paper towels soak up grease and grime from the stove after you cook a big dinner or fry bacon for breakfast. Use them to polish chrome fixtures and stainless steel appliances to gleaming perfection conveniently and quickly.

Paper Towels Help Keep the Sink Free of Dirty Dishes
Extra-durable paper towels stand up to washing out coffee cups, coffee pots and reusable plastic containers so the work sink doesn't get crowded with used dishes. Leaving a roll on the counter is a gentle reminder to everyone in the office to clean up after breakfast and lunch. Unlike a dishcloth, disposable towels are thrown away after each use to prevent spreading any germs in common areas.

Select a Size
Select-a-size paper towel rolls have small perforated sheets that allow you to select the exact amount you wish to use. A small sheet tackles a tiny chore while several take on bigger and messier tasks. Customizable sheets encourage people to use smaller amounts, reducing waste and paper consumption in the long run.

Paper Towels with Decorative Prints
To keep the counter colorful, find festive patterns that add to kitchen decor. Seasonal prints contribute to a festive atmosphere and double as napkins for large family celebrations during the holidays. Cartoon characters keep little ones happy and make cleanup more fun. Using rolls in the guest bathrooms makes hosting more pleasant.

Customizable Stock
Pick a size that is right for your environment, whether it's a high-traffic office or a quiet home. Extra-large rolls may include as many as 156 sheets. Packs of two, six and even 12 rolls ensure that there's always plenty on hand. They're lightweight for fast storage and stacking, making it easier for office managers and maintenance professionals to stock up the supply closet.

Paper Towels That Are Eco-Friendly
Tube-free paper towels dispense easily without the additional waste of a cardboard tube. Towels made from post-consumer materials support office sustainability goals and help keep forests intact. Unbleached paper towels reduce chemical runoff into streams and waterways, so they're ideal for the eco-minded teacher who needs resources for keeping common areas and desks germ-free.

Paper Towels for Bathroom Dispensers
Paper towel dispensers remind restaurant and healthcare professionals to give hands a good scrubbing. Nonperforated rolls can be dispensed at any length for greater flexibility, and many fit automated touchless dispensers. Multi-fold paper towels are ideal for public bathrooms with heavy traffic. Consider extra-absorbent blends that soak up water efficiently to cut down on waste.
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