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Enjoy a delicious and enjoyable cup of caffeinated or decaffeinated Peet's® coffee at any time of the day. Peet's coffee is available in light, medium, and dark roasts to satisfy a variety of drink requests at home and in the office. The product comes in whole bean and ground varieties for use in multi-cup coffee makers, as well as K-Cup® coffee for use in Keurig® machines and other types of single-serve brewers. Staples® also has an extensive selection of tea, snacks, and office accessories to complement the home and workplace.

Introduce Different Types of Peet's Coffee to Co-Workers and Friends
Signature coffee blends, like French Roast and Sumatra, are hand-roasted to certain specifications that make the flavors unique to Peet's coffee. Brew a large pot of light roast for the office break room, so co-workers can appreciate a smooth and mild cup of creamy, sweet beverage. Half-strength blends are available, such as Arabian-Mocha, when you want the rich taste of java but not all of the caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee, like Mocca-Java, delivers a complex flavor that carries a chocolate undertone to enjoy anytime. Peet's coffee is available in several bag sizes that range from 2.5 ounces to 1 pound bags.

Enjoy a Hot or Cold Cup of Peet's Coffee
Refresh yourself with a tall glass of cold brewed coffee. The bold refreshment is easy to make, and Peet's utilize specially selected beans that have the best roast profiles and flavor notes for iced brews. Or, try a full-bodied hot cup of dark roast for a mid-afternoon boost of energy. A shot of caffeinated espresso, made with an intense and complex Italian Roast, delivers a rich and flavorful taste with each serving to help you stay energized and focused.

Is There a Proper Way to Store Peet's Coffee?
Yes. Use airtight canisters, such as glass or stainless steel, to store whole bean and ground coffee. It's recommended to keep only one week's worth in a container at a time. Store the product at room temperature to prevent moisture, light, and heat from damaging the product. Ground coffee has a tendency to lose freshness if not consumed within two weeks.

Are There Alternative Uses for Peet's Coffee?
Coffee is often used to flavor meats. Ground coffee gives a smoky taste to steak and is often included as a main ingredient in a dry rub. Leftover grounds are comprised of rich, natural ingredients, like magnesium and calcium, and add beneficial nutrients to compost and fertilizer. A light layer of grounds on topsoil is a chemical-free option for a fertilizer.

Why Do Some Peet's Coffee Beans Look Shiny and Others Appear Dry?
Some coffee beans are roasted for slightly longer periods, and this process forces the oil to rise to the surface. A shorter roast time keeps the natural oils of the bean just below the surface, so these beans do not appear as shiny. The level of fat content in a specific bean, as well as freshness, also contribute to the glossy appearance of whole beans.