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Get a better look inside the noses, throats, and ears of your patients with pen lights. These lights come in convenient sizes that won't make your patients feel uncomfortable, and the light is strong enough for you to get a good look. Use them with batteries you already have around the office.

Convenient Size
Carry the bright power of a pen light with you from exam room to exam room. The lights, which look just like ordinary pens, are small enough that you can slip one in your pocket. Look for pen lights with an attached clip that you can hook to your files or clipboard.

Battery Powered
As long as you have a spare set of batteries on hand, you can always use your pen light. Most lights use standard AA or AAA batteries, and you'll find that replacing those batteries is easy.

Bright and Brilliant Light
Use the bright and brilliant light produced by pen lights to see deeply when examining the eyes, nose, ears, or other parts of a patient. Reach for eye and ear equipment when you need to see even deeper, as well as when you need to remove an object or take a sample.

Reusable or Disposable
Select reusable pen lights that rely on batteries to have a light on hand that you can use with every patient you see on a daily basis. Choose a disposable pen light when you have a tendency to lose pens or when you want to use new supplies with each of your patients.

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