Diagnostic & Exam Instruments

Diagnostic and exam instruments deliver the information you need to accurately diagnose illnesses and injuries in patients. High-quality tools allow you to examine symptoms in close detail and take essential measurements. Stock your medical facility with all the tools you need for patient care.

Take Measurements
Measure a variety of bodily functions using diagnostic and exam instruments that provide you with the readings you need to create an effective treatment. Glucose meters and test strips help verify blood-sugar levels, and blood-pressure monitors let you know when levels are depressed or elevated. Oximeters allow you to tell at a glance if blood-oxygen levels lie within expected guidelines.

Observe Functions
Many diagnostic and exam instruments aid viewing the functions of various body parts. Eye and ear viewing tools introduce light to specific areas of the body, and many feature magnification elements that make it easier to locate areas of irritation or injury. Reflex hammers let you gauge automatic actions to determine if muscles and nerves function properly. To protect staff during examinations, turn to quality exam gloves.

Apply Injections
Use diagnostic and exam instruments that let you quickly and effectively inject solutions for monitoring blood or air flow in the body. These tools include sharp needles and reservoirs that can directly apply the desired solutions to the correct site.

All-in-One Kits
Modern diagnostic and exam instruments often come in kits designed to help diagnose specific series of maladies. Testing kits, including those designed for home use, can cut down on the amount of time it takes to track down and identify illnesses or injuries. Pregnancy and drug-testing kits give patients the ability to track progress from the comfort of their own homes.