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Perrier water has a natural style of carbonation. That's what gives it such an iconic and refreshing taste. Staples carries a variety of bottled water that comes in distinct green bottles and cans, and they're packaged in groups for convenience. Choose your favorite sizes and flavors at Staples. The original Perrier sparkling water has natural carbonation, and it doesn't need any extra flavors to quench serious thirst.

New Perrier Water

This crisp beverage offers natural refreshment, and it goes well with every meal. Other styles of Perrier offer the same energetic carbonation as the original, and they come with a little something extra. Coconut water pops with a hint of subtropical flavor. The lemon and orange styles enhance the traditional flavor of Perrier sparkling water with a fresh taste of citrus. These options offer subtle differences in flavor without overpowering the natural clarity of the original. The simplicity of these flavors makes them versatile additions to many other drinks as well. They pair with juices and syrups to create lively, bold flavors, and they're especially tasty with ice.

Perrier Water in Recyclable Bottles or Cans
There are several ways to enjoy sparkling water, whether it's in a glass with ice or directly out of the bottle. Some of these drinks come in aluminum cans. They chill quickly and retain their cool temperatures once removed from the refrigerator. These drinks also take up less space than larger plastic bottles. Their compact size allows for efficient storage, and they stack on top of each other to fit on refrigerator shelves. Recyclable plastic bottles have some unique benefits of their own. Bottles flex under pressure, so nothing spills when you store them in backpacks or luggage. Most importantly, these bottles have twist tops to protect the sparkling water between sips. Both plastic and aluminum containers hold carbonation, so the water tastes crisp and refreshing right away.

Stock the Fridge With Packs of Perrier
These drinks come in convenient packs so homes and businesses can stock up before they're needed. None of them require refrigeration during storage. Perrier sparkling water maintains its effervescence while it's packed away, so many people keep extra bottles and cans in the pantry. The cans have their own cardboard packages, which often include 10 or more beverages, while the bottle packs include even higher quantities. These packs commonly include 24 units, each of which holds 16.9 ounces of sparkling water.

Sizes of Perrier Sparkling Water Match Every Thirst
Large bottles of Perrier contain enough flavored water to share with several people at once, while smaller bottles satisfy one thirsty individual at a time. Cans with 8.45-ounce quantities each fill about one glass with sparkling water, just enough for a single serving of satisfaction. These small cans chill quickly and snap open with tabs at the top, and they can quench thirst right away. The 16.9-ounce bottles contain more liquid, and their caps store any extra water for later.

These recognizable cans and bottles contain sparkling water with natural carbonation for every occasion. Staples has Perrier water in large and small quantities so you can stock up on your favorite flavors. Add Perrier water to your next office supplies order to keep your employees hydrated and focused throughout the workday.