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Make learning to read fun with phonics books that introduce children to basic concepts. Books from Scholastic, Newmark Learning, and Edupress use activities and games to help kids retain new information. Introduce kids to phonics and get an early start on reading and writing.

Supplemental Teaching Tools
Use phonics books in association with formal classroom training to build on concepts that kids learn in school and to introduce specific ideas in a new way. Word families, long and short vowel sounds, beginning and ending consonants, letter recognition, word recognition, and sequencing skills are just some of the lessons imparted through a phonics-based curriculum.

Learning Made Fun
Phonics books make learning to read more enjoyable because they use games, puzzles, songs, and other fun activities instead of rote memorization to get information across. Physical books let children practice writing answers, while electronic phonics lessons take advantage of modern kids' penchant for technology to help them master traditional skills. Pair phonics books with early childhood resource books to teach kids a wide range of math and reading skills that can help them succeed in school.

Age-Appropriate Instruction
Each phonics book or workbook is specifically designed to be age-appropriate for young children who are learning to read. Kid-friendly topics get children excited about their lessons, making phonics books a valuable part of a comprehensive curriculum. Choose books based on a child's actual grade to reinforce concepts currently under review in class, use lower-grade books to help a kid catch up to the average class level, or go up a level to introduce challenging material to a gifted kid who needs more than what the classroom curriculum is providing.

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