Classroom Books & Digital Media

Choose from a wide array of classroom books designed to help you plan lessons and encourage creativity. Give your home-schoolers workbooks to challenge them to learn and expand their horizons. Intrigue your students when you incorporate DVDs, software, CDs, and audiobooks into your teaching routine.

Practice Skills
Augment your classroom or home-schooling library with a wide selection of skills workbooks covering basic skills, arithmetic and math, arts and crafts, phonics, and early reading. Maps and globes help children learn where they fit in to their world, while geography and history resource books and workbooks allow them to practice analytical and map skills. Encourage kids to stretch their imagination and hone their writing skills with writing prompts for poetry and point-of-view essays, as well as a wide selection of noted children's fiction and picture books.

Plan Lessons
Pick up all the resources you need for your English language learners or ESL students, including vocabulary books and dictionaries as well as multilingual flash cards designed to teach colors, shapes, opposites, math, and more. Choose from a wide variety of teaching resources with grade books, planning books, and teacher resource books that let you keep your lesson plans lively and maintain organization in your class records. Give your professional development as a teacher a boost when you opt for instructional manuals in computer software, resources for teaching autistic or other special needs kids, or handy guidebooks to help you write messages on all those report cards.

Encourage Learning with Multimedia
Bring your classroom alive visually and get your students moving when you pop in a DVD designed to encourage reading and phonics, dance, and fitness. Audiobooks give everyone access to great short stories, novels, and crucial American historical documents. Add to your classroom's available repertoire with teaching aids including kids' tablets, flash cards, and educational games.