Grass, Plants & Seeds

Enjoy a greener lawn and create a welcoming landscape to give your home or business curb appeal with plants, seeds, and bulbs from brands you know and trust. Discover grass seed, wildflower mix, and other essentials for your lawn. Find products that help you keep your lawn looking lush and green.

Create Lavish Lawns
Shop a range of grass seeds to find just the right seeds for a lavish lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood. Choose seeds specially formulated for your specific area of the country, and browse selections that thrive in your lawn’s particular conditions. Buy bulk-packaged grass seed mix to save big when sowing seed over a large area.

Add Color with Wildflowers
Breathe new life into a tired landscape with a selection of wildflowers and other colorful plants. Choose easy-to-use wildflower mix to grow a cover of wildflowers over an unused area of your lawn or to liven up the look of steep or hard-to-maintain areas that are difficult to mow. Browse bulbs and plants to provide an anchor of color to your garden that you can enjoy season after season.

Enhance Soil Quality
Discover products that enhance the quality of your soil to create the ideal foundation for growing plants, seeds, and bulbs in optimal conditions. Enrich your soil with soil mix that adds essential nutrients and fosters the growth of grass, shrubs, trees, and plants. Shop for planting mix that makes it easy to grow your favorite herbs in a windowsill garden in your kitchen, houseplants on your patio in decorative planters, or a victory garden in your backyard.