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Poland Spring Water

Poland Spring
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Poland Spring water is a handy way to stay hydrated at work, in the gym or around the house, and the brand has been serving up this refreshing beverage since 1859. The company's products come from natural springs in the state of Maine and contain trace amounts of minerals that give this water its unique taste. Staples carries a selection of Poland Spring bottled water that includes both still and carbonated options, as well as a variety of office supplies.

New Poland Spring Bottled Water

Poland Spring water: A Beverage for Everyone
Plenty of drink options are available today, but many people prefer the clean taste and refreshment value offered by plain water. It contains no calories or caffeine, so anyone can drink it, making it a good choice for the home or office fridge, a vending machine or a cooler at an outdoor gathering. Consider adding water sales at a school or club sporting event as part of a fund-raising effort, or earn a few extra dollars at your yard sale by providing water to potential customers.

Poland Spring water: Natural Sources, Quality-Checked Purity
All of Poland Spring's coconut water comes from a small number of natural sources chosen for their flavor and purity. Once the water leaves the spring, it's continuously tested for quality and purity to ensure each bottle meets the company's rigorous requirements as well as the water quality standards of the EPA and FDA, the federal agencies that regulate the water industry. Each bottle goes through a multi-step process that includes filtration to remove particulates and ultraviolet or ozone disinfection that eliminates microorganisms. Purified water is bottled and shipped immediately. It often reaches store shelves just 24 hours after it was drawn from the spring.

Poland Spring water: A Choice of Flavors
Poland Spring also makes flavored water that offers a change of pace from pure spring water. These sparkling beverages add natural fruit flavors such as strawberry, lemon, and black cherry, but no calories, making them an excellent way to satisfy sweet cravings.

Poland Spring water: Convenient Purchase Options
These products are available in a variety of bottle styles and sizes. Small 8- and 12-ounce bottles are ideal single-serving containers and easily fit in a lunchbox or briefcase. Larger 16.9- and 20-ounce bottles meet more demanding hydration needs and are perfect for a post-workout cooldown routine. Keep larger 1- to 3-liter bottles in the fridge to fill glasses at home, or lay in an emergency water supply using 2.5-gallon jugs. Most Poland Spring products come in multi-bottle cases, so it's easy to keep plenty of bottled water on hand.

Eco-friendly Poland Spring Water
Because all Poland Spring products come from natural sources, the company invests significant effort in managing the environment around the springs. It employs geologists and natural resource managers who monitor local conditions and invests in local education and environmental conservation programs throughout the state of Maine. The company also uses recyclable PET plastics in all its packaging, a material that almost any local recycling center will accept.

Bottled sparkling water is a healthy and popular beverage option that anyone can enjoy. Poland Spring products come from natural sources and are available in both plain and flavored options. Shop Staples and enjoy the unique taste of this calorie-free spring water.