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Use popcorn machines and nut roasters to make delicious family-friendly treats that everyone can enjoy. Large appliances from Paragon International, Great Northern Popcorn, and Snappy Popcorn let you make enough for a crowd. Add popcorn and nuts to your offerings to make your event even more fun.

Reliable Machines
Commercial-grade popcorn machines and nut roasters make it easy to provide a steady flow of delicious treats to everyone at your party or fundraiser, and they're durable enough to hold up to everyday use in a high-volume concession stand. Tempered glass windows let employees and customers watch popcorn as it pops, building excitement and creating an eye-catching spectacle that draws more people to your concession stand. Powerful heating elements speed up the cooking process, so you can start handing out buckets and bags of freshly popped popcorn within a few minutes of starting the machine.

Delicious Snacks
Premeasured packs of popcorn reduce preparation time when you're in a hurry, while bulk packs of kernels help you save money when you're popping lots of popcorn at one time. Make the treats produced by popcorn machines and nut roasters even more delicious with condiments that add extra flavor. Sprinkle-on seasonings, melted buttery topping, and classic table salt give your snacks a bit more pizzazz.

Handy Accessories
Stock up on canola, coconut, or peanut oil to make popping simple, and keep a replacement popcorn kettle on hand to ensure continuous operation on busy days. Bags, boxes, and buckets designed to evoke a carnival-like feel make serving the treats produced by your popcorn machines and nut roasters even more enticing. Add a cotton candy maker, an ice maker, and other specialty appliances to your collection to offer up even more yummy snacks to your customers.