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Power saws can cut through wood, plastic, and certain metals with ease. You can select different saw blades based on the type of material or cut desired. Power saws can dramatically cut down on the time it takes your business to complete a project.

Quickly Carve Boards
Power saws make it easy to carve lumber straight from the yard into planks, boards, and other common shapes. Jigsaws and rotary saws have specialized blades and edges designed to simplify cutting further.

Create Stunning Artwork
Artists use power saws for carving wood, stone, and ice. Check out the various grinders available if you're interested in creating smooth edges and a beveled look.

Easily Carve Complex Patterns
Band saws let you quickly cut through wood. Lathe attachments and jigsaws can create complicated patterns on materials in a matter of minutes.

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Add to cart Black & Decker® PHS550B Powered Handsaw
Add to cart Genesis 7.5-Amp Variable-Speed Reciprocating Saw(GRS750)
Add to cart Irwin® 4935558 Metal Cutting Blade, 13.6"(W), 60T (585-4935558)
Add to cart M.K. Morse Metal Devil™ 497-CSM1466NSC Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade, 66 TPI
Add to cart Irwin® Marathon® 585-372810BB Metal And Wood Cutting Reciprocating Blade, 0.738"(W), 10 TPI
Delivery fees may apply
Add to cart Baldor® Deluxe Industrial Bench Grinder With GA11 Eyeshields, 10"
Add to cart Irwin® Bi-Metal Linear Edge Reciprocating Saw Blade, 7/8 in (W), 10 TPI
Add to cart BOSCH 0.3 in (W) x 0.04 in (T) HSS Jigsaw Blade, 17-24 Progressive TPI, 3 5/8 in (OAL)
Add to cart Advantage™ 4/6 TPI Bi-Metal 18L Hole Saw, 1 1/2 in (D), 1 1/8 in
Add to cart Advantage™ 4/6 TPI Bi-Metal 64L Hole Saw, 1 1/2 in (D), 4 in