Time-Saving Power Tools

Get the job done faster

Power tools are the way to go when it comes to completing projects quickly and efficiently. These time-saving devices make any job easier, from drilling holes to sawing lumber and sanding surfaces. Staples carries a wide selection of power tools from top brands like DeWalt and Makita, so you can find the perfect tool for your needs. Power tools offer superior torque and speed compared to manual hand tools, allowing you to complete tasks in less time. Whether you’re putting up shelves, building a deck or doing routine maintenance, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having access to a battery-powered drill or saw at your fingertips. And with multiple speeds and settings available on many models, you can customize your work depending on the task at hand.

The right tool for every job

At Staples, we have all the essential power tools your job requires. Choose from drills, saws and more — all designed for maximum performance in whatever task you take on. Our cordless options provide exceptional flexibility, while our corded models give you increased power for heavy-duty projects. Plus, pick up additional accessories like drill bits, blades and batteries so you never run out of supplies when working on an important project. Pick from screw extractors and sets, pneumatic tools and power tool sets so you're ready for anything. Staples also has safety equipment such as protective eyewear and gloves available to operate power tools without fear or injury. Stock up on the necessary items before starting any project so that you and those around you stay safe using these powerful machines.